In the vibrant landscape of Metro Manila, where awe-inspiring residential towers have long stood as symbols of opulence, a transformation has quietly taken hold. With indoor seclusion becoming a defining aspect of modern life in recent years, condominium dwellers now find themselves seeking respite from urban clamor, gravitating toward less bustling cities like Bacoor.

Garden City epitomizes nature-inspired living, nurturing the well-being of its residents while promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Photo courtesy of WTA Architecture + Design Studio’s official website

Rooted in Nature

The latest six-tower, 18-storey condominium on the outskirts of the big city emerges as an urban oasis. In collaboration with WTA Architecture + Design Studio, the visionary minds at Golden Bay Landholdings have designed Garden City to transcend the boundaries of conventional condominium templates, taking inspiration from nature.

“We didn’t want our future residents to live in a shoebox, where they wake up, go to work, return home, [and] repeat. We envisioned Garden City as an oasis, the ultimate urban paradise for living their best life,” says Jardin Wong, COO of Golden Bay Landholdings. Harmoniously blending lush green pockets and gracefully curved edges, this low-rise development welcomes residents into a realm of zen.

Nature, communal areas, and contemporary needs converge in perfect harmony. Photo courtesy of WTA Architecture + Design Studio’s official website

Forging a profound connection with the environment, Garden City pays homage to Philippine heritage by naming the towers after indigenous trees like Yakal, Narra, and Molave. Through this detail, Golden Bay Landholdings epitomizes the concept of nature-inspired living, creating an atmosphere that nurtures the well-being of its residents while promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, their dedication to sustainability is not mere lip service, as they actively seek out suppliers who align with their eco-friendly values. “We really went out of our way to partner with suppliers [offering] planet-friendly products,” remarks Wong, underscoring their commitment to environmental responsibility. This dedication was bestowed with international acclaim when the project received recognition at the esteemed 2022 OPAL Awards in London, United Kingdom for its holistic and modern sensibilities.

Communal Spaces

At the heart of Garden City lies its true essence—a nurturing sense of community. With an array of 15 carefully curated amenities and counting, this development caters to the diverse needs of both families and digital nomads.

The condominium provides 15 carefully curated amenities. Photo courtesy of WTA Architecture + Design Studio’s official website

Families find their haven in the poolside barbecue area and the tranquil Chi garden, perfect for early morning picnics. Little ones are welcomed with safe and engaging indoor and outdoor play areas, fostering a world of boundless imagination. Meanwhile, digital nomads can immerse themselves in a space of productivity with a library lounge and co-working space exclusively reserved for residents, while a game room provides an avenue for leisurely relaxation. 

The amenity deck, designed to build camaraderie and community spirit, is the social nucleus of Garden City. Inside, state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor gyms inspire residents to embrace an active lifestyle, while dedicated nature podiums and shared open spaces prompt moments of reflection and rejuvenation. 

The New Cityscape

Garden City is not just a residence; it is a full-fledged miniature city steeped in the essence of modern living. Its units provide unparalleled privacy and comfort, while a short elevator ride unveils a world of leisure and social opportunities through the curated communal spaces.

Convenience is woven into the very fabric of Garden City, as essential specialty shops dot the street-level retail strip of the property. Anything residents might need is within easy reach, thanks to its strategic location in the Urban Core of the South. 

Beyond the confines of traditional condominium living, Garden City offers an elevated lifestyle where nature, communal areas, and contemporary needs converge in perfect harmony. This visionary project by Golden Bay Landholdings redefines modern living, presenting an urban sanctuary that embodies the future of residential excellence.

Condominium dwellers seek respite from urban clamor in Garden City located in Bacoor

Golden Bay Longholdings is a full-service real estate development and management company. View the Garden City on their website. For the latest updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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