In 2020, when the pandemic left galleries with highly restricted access and more than half of all global art fairs were canceled, the art market evolved digitally. Physically experiencing art was no longer a prerequisite to purchasing or enjoying works. For some galleries, the growth of online viewing rooms remains exciting and brings respite from time-consuming gallery crawls and art fairs. Yet, others are conflicted on whether digitalization is eroding the physical power of art and abandoning the community. 

But now that the government has lifted restrictions, art galleries in the city are back to the grind. Art exhibitions thrive once again. It gives way to new galleries like the recently launched Fifty One Collective Art Haus. Located in Kapitolyo Pasig, the collective opens with an inaugural show last March 26. It is a spectacle of diverse experimental works. They aim to give an art haven to artists with exceptional style that pushes the boundaries of their masterpieces.

Titled Exdordium, the inaugural show gathered twelve artists of varying notions, concerns, and techniques. The show features the works of Chico Aberin and visual artist/interior decorator Nicole Asares. Rax Bautista a photographer, fashion stylist and creative director is present as well together with abstract painter Elbert Caballero and expressionist Raech Dacanay. These artists have proven their tenacity in the often turbulent Philippine art landscape. Their works reflect the ever-evolving norms of creativity and aesthetics.

FiftyOne Collective

Moreover, other artists that are part of the show are self-taught artist Christian Gonzales, TUP Alumni Binong Javier, and Marion Magbanua. Christian Regis, known for his works depicting Manila’s historical landmarks and their streets is in the roster too. Bong Salazar, who uses and incorporates gold & silver metallic dust on his paintings joins the team with Margananda Tagorda, and Ritche Yee.

This exhibit showcases the works of these artists that tie different concepts together. Typically, an exordium brings the reader into the world of a written document. This art exhibition, however, is an introduction to a web of narratives and imagery with striking colors, multiple textures, and expressions of the artistry honed over time. Indeed, Fifty One Collective begins gracefully by supporting the practice of these twelve artists. 

Fifty One Collective

Photo credits: Daniel Lampa

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