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May 30, 2018



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Celebrating the unwavering relationship between the Philippines and Korea, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) in partnership with Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and Seoul International Architecture Film Festival (SIAFF) will launch the first Korean Architectural Film Festival on June 1, 2018, at FDCP Cinematheque Manila.

Korea has been hosting the Seoul International Film Festival for ten years but it is the first time for the festival to be held overseas.  The three-day festival, happening from June 1 to 3 in Manila, hosts an inspiring program of talks, specially-curated screenings of films and documentaries with director question and answer segment, as well as photo installations that will add a creative part to the festival.

The films explore architecture’s creative and innovative pursuits. The featured length and short films touch upon topics such as urban planning, innovative housing architecture and include exclusive windows into the minds of Korean architects Itami Jun, Doojin Hwang, Hyoungnam Lim and Eunjoo Roh.

The opening film ‘Ecology in Concrete’ explores the system behind the urban planning of Seoul, Korea. The collection of stories with city planners, architects, real estate agents and residents captures the city of Seoul dealt with the need for a more and better housing at the of its vivid growth.

Architecture forum and discussion

Korean and Filipino experts on architecture and filmmaking will be joining the two-day Architecture forum and discussion on June 1 to 2 at FDCP.

Four Korean architects and filmmakers will fly from Korea to share their insights on urbanism and architecture in films. Yun Jae Seon, a commissioner of Seoul International Architecture Film Festival (SIAFF) and the head of Team153 Architecture Co., is active in doing architectural culture activities. He strives to make urban architecture a pop culture.

Kim Young Woo is film Curator, programmer, and festival consultant. Since 2014, he joined the selection committee of Busan International Film Festival as a programmer-in-charge of Asian cinema. He has been a member of the selection committee of Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) and Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund and involving Asian Project Market (APM) as well.

Let us explore the beauty of architecture seen through film with this year's Korean Architectural Film Festival (June…

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Kim Jeong In is a practicing architect and professor at Soongsil University, in Seoul. Many of his critical frameworks about the emerging field of transnational cultural studies appeared on the Journal of Architecture published by the Royal Institute of British Architects, Planning Perspectives published by the International Planning History Society, and Architectural Research Quarterly published by the Cambridge University Press. He has also been invited to several universities in Europe and North America delivering public lectures and exhibitions about architecture and urbanism in Seoul.

Filipino Architect Gerry Torres and filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes will complete the panelists of the forum.  Arch. Torres is the former Director of Metropolitan Museum of Manila and currently the Director of Center for Campus Art at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

Reyes, a renowned director, and filmmaker in the Philippines is currently the Chairman of the Digital Film Program at De La Salle College of St. Benilde’s School of Design and Arts. He is also a member of Cinemalaya’s Screening Committee and Festival Competition Director of CineFilipino Film Foundation’s CineFilipino Film Festival.

Philippine Architecture Film Screenings

Aside from Korean architectural films, two architecture-themed films showcasing Philippine architecture will be screened in the film festival.

‘Masterbuilders: Pioneers of 20th Century Philippine Architecture and Allied Arts’ is a documentary that focuses on the pioneers of the architecture and design in the Philippines probing their practice and relating their biographies with the social contexts in which they worked. ‘Arkitekturang Filipino’ is a compelling scheme that charts the direction of the study of architecture in the Philippines. Does it resurrect the old question: Is there such a thing as Filipino architecture?

Join us at the Opening Night of the Korean Architectural Film Festival this June 1, Friday at the Cinematheque Centre…

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City: Hall Trailer (Korean Architectural Film Festival)

Architect Yu-gual, the final winner of the concept design contest of ‘New Seoul City Hall’, was excluded in the process of its design and construction. The only thing he could do is just watch its construction. However, when the new Seoul City Hall opened, it got many criticisms from the society and media. Seven years after the completion of new Seoul City Hall, the film shows the story behind the design and construction of the new Seoul City Hall. Catch this and the other films at Korean Architectural Film Festival! Happening on June 1 to 3 at Cinematheque Centre Manila.ADMISSION IS FREE!

Posted by Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines on Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Architecture of Time Trailer (Korean Architectural Film Festival)

Itami Jun(Yoo Dong-Ryong), a Korean architect who lived and worked in Japan, left a number of his masterpieces in Jeju Island and this film explores one of his works ‘Water, Wind, and Stone Art Museum.’ His works incorporate elements of nature that change with the passage of time to convey the ‘Importance of time in architecture.’'The Architecture of Time' peers into the life and architecture of Itami Jun, his philosophies on temporality through interviews with Japanese architects Shigeru Ban and Kengo Kuma, as well as with Korean architectural theorists Park Gil-Ryong and Jeon Bong-hee. Catch this and the other films at Korean Architectural Film Festival! Happening on June 1 to 3 at Cinematheque Centre Manila.ADMISSION IS FREE!

Posted by Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines on Saturday, 26 May 2018

Korean Architecture Today: The House Trailer (Korean Architectural Film Festival)

Korean Architecture Today: The House captures two interesting architectures, Hyundai Capital volleyball team Skywalkers training and residential building the Castle of Skywalkers by Doojin Hwang and a recent Hanok (Korean traditional housing style) project called House of Prajna by Hyoungnam Lim & Eunjoo Roh. These architectural works tells the story of Korean architects who take innovative thinking in housing architecture.Catch this and the other films at Korean Architectural Film Festival! Happening on June 1 to 3 at Cinematheque Centre Manila.ADMISSION IS FREE!

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“Mega Seoul 4 Decades”

Seoul has served as the capital city of Korea over the past six centuries, but its landscape continues to undergo drastic changes. The city brims with conflicts between the traditional and modern, the repetition of destruction and construction, all against the backdrop of the city’s rich history.

Selected photographs from The Museum of Photography, Seoul are to be displayed at FDCP during the festival. The photos capture the twists and turns of Seoul over the last 50 years from the perspective of Korean photographers.

The Korean Architectural Film Festival will also have its Photo Exhibit that will be open to the public starting this…

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“Chimaek” Socialization Night

On the opening night of the festival, June 1, guests will have a chance to experience a “Chimaek” party or Chicken and Beer party. In Korea, it has established itself as a popular food culture where festivals with the theme of “Chimaek” are held. The “Chimaek” party after the film screening will serve as a chance for the guests to interact with the Filipino and Korean architects present at the event.

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