Rain or shine, the bahay kubo has always been a sanctuary for anyone who grew up seeing or being around its presence. Traditionally, these pre-colonial homes were country homes designed with native materials that adapted to the country’s tropical climate. May it be as an actual home, a temporary shelter during vacations, or an actual vacation home, the bahay kubo’s material combination of wood, bamboo, and thatched roof created a space that keeps one safe from the rage of rain and the scorching sun while allowing in enough space and air to make it an area that harmonizes with the tranquility of nature. Despite it being the rainy season the Manila air still shimmers with a kin-melting heat that sometimes makes staying in the city unbearable (especially if you’re encased within stone walls near hot roads). 

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So if a quick vacation from the chaotic city is what you need, here are just a few rentals outside of Manila that highlight the tranquil and refreshing trait the traditional bahay kubo entails.


2340 Kalsadang Putol St. Purok 6, Brgy. Puypuy, Bay, Laguna

Lotuspod Laguna. Image from Lotuspod’s official Facebook page
Lotuspod Laguna
Inside the casita are tranquil bedrooms surrounded by views of the property’s lotus flower-filled pond. Image from Lotuspod’s official Facebook page.

Tucked away deep in Laguna, Lotuspod has several casita rooms stocked with their own private pools filled with water from Laguna’s natural hot springs and even has an Explorer club treehouse for kids to venture through. In the middle of its three-hectare property is a pond where these lotus flowers bloom in abundance. 

Ybonita Farm and Villas

Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan

Ybonita Farm and Villas
the Ybonita Farm and Villa’s bahay kubo-inspired architecture gives it that extra charm. Image from Ybonita Farm and Villa’s official Facebook page.
Ybonita Farm and Villa
Ybonita Farm Villa is a picturesque home, especially at night. Image from Ybonita Farm Villa’s official Facebook page.

A private lifestyle farm in Calatagan, Ybonita Farm and Villas is a bed and breakfast with glorious countryside views in abundance and is located only five minutes away from the beach. Along with a theme inspired by traditional Philippine architecture, it has a peaceful ambiance enhanced by the spacious outdoors.


Surftown, Dalumpinas Oeste, La Union

Dalum Kubo La Union
Dalum Kubo in Surftown, La Union is the epitome of peace away from Manila’s loud bustle. Image from Dalum Kubo’s official Instagram page
Dalum Kubo La Union
Dalum Kubo in Surftown, La Union is the epitome of peace away from Manila’s loud bustle and presents a bit of modernity through its simple interiors. Image from Dalum Kubo’s official Instagram page

A humble sanctuary located at the surfing capital of Northern Philippines, Dalum shows off a modern take on the bahay kubo and has a relaxing ambiance elevated by a simple and spacious design that allows for leisurely fun even when indoors.  

Bahay Artisano

Kalye Artisano, Kalye Kalugtan, Lio Tourism Estate, Villa Libertad, El Nido, Palawan

Bahay Artisano
Bahay Artisano is found in Kalye Artisano–a community of local owners, artists, and travelers. Image from Kalye Artisano’s official Facebook page.
Bahay Artisano, El Nido Palawan
Bahay Artisano presents Maranao-inspired features. Image from Kalye Artisano’s official Facebook page.

Found within Lio Estate in El Nido, Bahay Artisano is a Maranao-inspired home that combines luxury with tranquility through a spacious layout and high ceilings combined with intricate designs seen throughout the home. Along with a private lap pool, it also has a yoga pavilion and lanai that’s perfect for enjoying a cool morning breeze.

All in all, these bahay kubo-inspired homes are perfect for reenergizing yourself with the scenic views out of Manila’s skyscraper cities.

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