La Cornue bespoke ovens inspired by the Paris metro

September 26, 2017



Angel Yulo

In an era of automated production, La Cornue remains faithful to the process it started with: a range unit assembled and numbered by one craftsman. This is how founder Albert Dupuy invented the world’s first convection oven in 1908. And it remains the core company process, receiving enhancements over the past century. La Cornue is a Living Heritage Company, a distinction given by the French government for traditional industrial expertise.

Eight years after first metro line opened, Dupuy used its vaulted tunnels as inspiration for the very first vaulted oven. The shape allows air to circulate evenly around dishes. Today, La Cornue ranges make use of patented G4 vaulted ovens with fitted with a RCC (Radiation, Convection and Conduction) allowing multiple cooking functions.

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Oven | Photo courtesy of La Cornue
Combining a circular burner with an enameled cast iron disk means that one single oven can cook in several different ways : by radiation (the heat is reflected off the inner walls), by convection (even air circulation around the dish) and by conduction (simmering food directly on the disk). | Photo courtesy of La Cornue

Last 20 September 2017 at Manila House, BGC, La Cornue Philippines unveiled its newest line named CornuFé. With its attractive price, first-time homeowners can own a masterpiece bearing the weight of French culinary history and excellence. Available in 110 and 90 cm, the Cornufe 110 and Albertine models have five professional burners, including a large 4 kW central burner which doubles as a hot plate. It also comes with two electric ovens whose doors open laterally, and a large storage drawer for dishes, trays and cooking accessories.

La Cornue Cornufe
Efficient and fun, the CornuFé cooker is the ideal compromise for lovers of fine dining looking to enjoy all the excellence of La Cornue without a designer price tag. | Photo courtesy of La Cornue

See more of La Cornue by visiting its showroom located at the 2nd Floor of W Highstreet Bldg., 28th St. cor. 11th Ave., Bonifacio Global City. For inquiries, please call (02) 802-9719 or email at [email protected].

For a video tour of the La Cornue Factory, click here: La Cornue Factory Tour: Le Savoir-Faire

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