How To Squeeze In A Laundry Area In Your Tiny Condo

March 23, 2018



Denny Mata

1 Like A Dishwasher First thing to consider when plotting your laundry area is the plumbing, and the water source and drainage. Typically, laundry areas are either near the kitchen or the bathroom. But in a teeny-tiny condo, it’s not only near, but already in these rooms. Take it from the New Yorkers and other small condo dwellers across the globe who install their laundry machines under their kitchen counter tops, the kitchen island or peninsula, or beside the pantry. Doing so gives them both water and drainage, and counter space for folding clothes. They can even wash delicate fabrics in the kitchen sink. Watch Out:

If you’re hiding your washer and dryer in the kitchen, be careful not to place your laundry supplies near where you store and prepare your food. Create a separate storage for cleaning supplies.

2 Wash Yourself Then Your Clothes

Not so keen about doing your laundry in the kitchen? Try the bathroom. Having your laundry area within your bathroom doesn’t just put you at ease when it comes to water source and drainage, as well as the vent; it also encourages you to do the laundry right away! Besides that, you can easily store your detergent and fabric softener in the same area you keep your toiletries. No contamination, whatsoever.

3 In The Closet It Goes

If you don’t mind doing the extra plumbing works (and if your building admin allowed you to, and if your designer gives you the thumbs up), you can actually create your laundry area in your spare closet or cabinet. Putting your laundry machine in a closet has a lot of advantages:

a) It’s tucked away in an unpretentious storage so nobody else knows you’re hiding a beast in there

b) Closets have built-in surfaces you can turn into small folding areas, or build sinks into

c) Tall cabinets allow you to go vertical and stack your washer and drier on top of each other without having them look extra awkward. Other compartments can also be turned into your hampers

d) Make use of that rod in your closet to house your hangers

4 Take Cues From Harry Potter

If you live in a loft, put your laundry area beneath the stairs. You can place your washing machine, hamper, and your cleaning detergents in there. You can close it off so you won’t need to cover or hide it every now and then when guests come over. Underneath the flight of stairs, you can also install rods for hanging clothes.

5 Awkward Blank Space

There will always be that space in your condo that you don’t know what to do about, and usually, those are turned into reading nooks or simply another area for storage. Take advantage of that blank space by placing your washer and dryer there. Just make sure you have a proper source of and drainage for water.

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