Living in condos and other vertical living spaces has been the more popular solution over moving to the suburbs and braving the long hours of heavy traffic. With urban living, every square inch matters, especially in cities like Metro Manila—one of the most densely populated cities in the world. And with more individuals and families opting to live in high-rise buildings, an increase in demand for space-saving or space-friendly furniture pieces and appliances is given. Foldable, stackable, and anything that can easily fit in very few inches of space is all welcome in any condo dweller’s unit. If you’ve been searching for that space-saving fridge your whole life, check out LG’s newly unveiled Slim French-Door refrigerator.

condoliving LG Slim French-Door Refrigerator for Asia

The slimmed-down fridge is only 835 millimeters wide (conventional fridges are 912 millimeters wide), allowing it to fit perfectly in practically any kitchen setting. Although it shed a few inches, the compact refrigerator is upgraded in terms of its freshness-keeping capabilities, storage capacity, durability, energy efficiency, and smart technology.

The Slim French-Door refrigerator is fitted with LG’s Linear Cooling™ technology which ensures that food stays fresher for longer by keeping the temperature fluctuation within ±0.5 degrees Celsius. The latest slim fridge is also equipped with the DoorCooling+™, which maintains an even temperature and cools the fridge 19.7% faster than the typical cooling system by directing airflow to the door area. The slim fridge also uses 32% less energy due to LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor and is 25% quieter than the conventional LG models. A compact SpacePlus™ Ice System and a Folding Shelf are also included in the new compact fridge, with various models including InstaView Door-in-Door™. The Slim French-Door refrigerator can also be controlled or monitored via the LG Smart ThinQ™ app.

condoliving LG Slim French-Door Refrigerator for Asia

What’s more, the fridge is stylish, too! Its modern design inside and out is both practical and sleek. Its sleek flat-back interior even adds to its space-saving qualities. The compact fridge is also available in a variety of colors, but the new Matte Black finish is the “trending” finish, according to LG Home Appliance and Air Solution Company. The fridge also sports the Soft LED Panel Light and Square Pocket Handle, adding to the refined look of the refrigerator.

LG’s new, compact Slim French-Door refrigerators for the Asian market are unveiled in Seoul, South Korea last 2 July 2019 and will be available in the Philippines soon. Stay updated and visit or @LGPhilippines

Images courtesy of LG

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