Lighting Up New Beginnings with IDr. Jinkie de Jesus

December 29, 2021



Shan Arcega and Maria Rebecca Abaya

Every time the calendar year ends, most Filipinos do two things. One is to look back at all that has happened and beyond the negative things, Filipinos point out the good things that they can be grateful for, especially the victories that they were able to surpass the hardships of the year. The other thing is, along with humility and thankful hearts, is the attitude of having hope. The hope, that things will be better as learnings are unfolded and experiences have taught valuable and good lessons. Empowering that whole positive outlook, are the good psychological and emotional impacts of having a good built lighting environment. Properly lit living spaces and workspaces allow one to maximize activities and comfort at the same time.

Everything artistic requires a flexible bond between contrasting pieces. This may be a strange case to the disinterested mind but combined by the right hands, a mix of contrasts can become harmonious features that result in a complex piece comparable to a Picasso painting. In architecture, one of the most important aspects that can present these features and give them justice is lighting. Artificial lighting in particular, is another architectural feature that can shape interior space and be the key to creating a healthy space for our minds and eyes.

Jinkie De Jesus has been working in this industry for almost 15 years. Prior to her captivating career, she studied interior design in UP Diliman before taking her Master’s in Architectural Lighting Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Before Light Plan Inc. was established, De Jesus got the chance to work on a number of international projects including airports, hospitality sites, casinos, and lighting masterplans among other project types. 

“It’s an art, it’s a science, it’s storytelling at the same time. It’s just an incredible and tangible medium that really makes an impact.”

Jinkie De Jesus.

Light Plan Inc. has been in the industry since 2010. At this company’s establishment, Metro Manila has gained a trustworthy independent lighting design and consultancy studio that has completed several eye-catching, award-winning projects all over the country. 

The Mactan Cebu International Airport in Lapu-Lapu City for instance, is one of the company’s biggest award-winning projects. A grand space, the airport was designed with the ambiance of a luxury resort’s lobby. The departure level’s completely wooden ceiling with high arches in particular are a highlight and are illuminated with narrow beam uplights combined with small downlights for the general lighting. 

Aside from the ability to pull of high-class aesthetics that fuel the imagination and create buzz amongst onlookers, Jinkie currently nabbed the 40 under 40 award for lighting design. It is a global competition recognizing exceptional lighting designers under the age of 40 based on their lighting projects as well as contribution to uplift the lighting profession. Among 164 entries, she was chosen and the Philippines was finally represented. The roster of winners are from 1st world countries giving us a reputable title in the global scene. Truly a great testament on how she and her firm carry dreams and aspirations that extend through the entire Filipino community.

When envisioning the new Philippines, De Jesus’s dream extends to all youth having quality education which comes as a result of good energy connections. In this case, good lighting and a consistent supply of electricity. 

In this exclusive feature envisioning a brighter future ahead and ending the year with high positive aspirations, BluPrint presents Interior Designer and award winning Lighting Consultant, Jinkie De Jesus-Tiaoqui presenting her design manifestos on how lighting can enhance one’s life and her hopes to spark our country this 2022

BP: What are your hopes for the coming year?

Jinkie: Hope that we are able to vote smartly in this upcoming election. And select a leader who has good principles, a strong will, and has the sincerity to serve the people and not serve themselves, I guess that’s my first wish. And then for my industry, for the construction industry, I do hope that we slowly get back on our feet, things are starting up again, and activities happening and for sure next year it will be busier. But I also hope that we take our learnings from the pandemic, and realize what we were doing wrong, and apply these learnings moving forward. We’ve had to learn the hard way and I think the construction industry as a whole has a big responsibility to create more sustainable designs, moving forward, to create healthier and more sustainable spaces.

BP: How do you envision the New Philippines? What is your dream for the country?

Jinkie: For every Filipino home to have access to proper and good lighting, I think we should always start with a good leader. Because this leader can restore confidence and make the Filipino believe once again that a New Philippines is something possible, and it’s not just a dream. At some point, I think a lot of us have become complacent and indifferent because of all the things that are happening around us. I think we need someone who can make us believe in that dream again. Cause if it’s yourself that believes then that’s already a big start but if you’re indifferent, if you have that you-don’t-care attitude, then no change will take place. So as with anything, it’s still a collaborative effort among the stakeholders, the private sector, but for the program to be widespread, and to reach the whole country, the government has to take the lead on this.

A brighter tomorrow awaits for a new beginning.

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Photos courtesy of Jinkie De Jesus and Light Plan Inc.

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