Looking Back, Moving Forward: János Detre Shares Key Points in Graphisoft’s 40th Anniversary

January 20, 2023



Chad Losanta

As Graphisoft moves forward to forty years, one needs to look back on the key aspects the company focused on which led them to the global innovator they are now. Product Manager, János Detre, explains how these key aspects are crucial to keeping the company on track.

Adapt or perish

Detre expounded on the topic of adaptability and sustainability, most especially during the pandemic. As people were trying to figure out how to manage working from home, Detre pointed out how Graphisoft managed to assist those shifting into these new dynamics. “Graphisoft did a great job by providing tools for users who have to work quickly, shift to working from home because of this [pandemic].”

Work as one

The Graphi Cafe at Graphisoft Headquarters

As a company that values teamwork, Detre also explained that “We are expanding our focus to multidisciplinary design teams,” so various departments and groups can increase productivity and collaborate more effectively. Graphisoft is working on how to make their software more accessible to anyone using their program wherever they are, no matter the size of the project, regardless of internet speed. This innovation will make it easier for designers to collaborate with other teams to produce great designs that would reflect Graphisoft’s vision “where buildings make people’s lives better.” 

A working hybrid

Detre reiterated that productivity is the main goal of Graphisoft’s software so they can let users “work productively and flexibly around the world.” This allows users the freedom to work in an environment that suits them in location, software, format, or work together with anybody. He even further explained that as most companies, including Graphisoft, are now venturing into a hybrid setup, architects and engineers should also think of ways to incorporate ‘green’ concepts into their designs to save and conserve energy. With this freedom to create, it opens a lot of doors for a more productive environment.

To learn more about Archicad and other award-winning software and services from Graphisoft, you may do so by visiting their website.

Photos by: Ed Simon

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