Lucky Color Green: 5 Feng Shui-Friendly House Plants

January 11, 2019



Patricia Paner

Indoor plants can play a powerful role in your design arsenal when it comes to creating good energy. They rid the air of harmful toxins and pollutants, creating good breathing air for those living at home; thus, making them an important factor in creating good Feng Shui energy.
In a Feng Shui perspective, plants represent growth, new beginnings, and wealth; making the new year an excellent time to start expanding our growing collection of house plants. Read this guide to learn about some of the best Feng Shui-friendly plants for your household.

Rubber Plant 

Rubber plants are especially auspicious when placed in your home’s “wealth” area, just consult your trusty bagua to find out which part of your home corresponds to it. The rounded leaves of this plant represent coins, and symbolize good fortune and prosperity. As a sturdy type of houseplant, rubber plants do not require too much to survive, and  they’re known to remove impurities in the air as well.

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Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are also fondly referred to as money plants for those who practice the art of Feng Shui, and are popular good luck charms because they represent steady and honest growth. If anyone in your home is still pursuing their studies, place a bamboo plant anywhere in your home as they are said to improve the surroundings for academic achievement. Consult your bagua and place your bamboo plant in areas of the house that represent wealth, children, and career.


Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos plant is a vine with adorable heart-shaped leaves. It grows quite fast and requires minimal maintenance. This plant absorbs formaldehyde and carbon dioxide, making it an excellent choice for purifying your breathing air. This type of plant thrives and grows even in neglect, so if you are the type who leaves and travels often, this maybe the perfect option for you. Over time, this plant grows long enough to cascade down wherever you placed them, giving off this gorgeous, rustic feel to your space. You can place these in dull areas of the house to freshen up the space.


Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is known to be one of the most popular purifying plants, making them an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of romance into your space. In a Feng Shui perspective, this plant is known to help people work on their relationships. Requiring fairly little maintenance, the peace lily can even grow using artificial light. Place a pot of peace lilies in your bedroom, and lightly spritz with water once or twice a week. Peace lilies make ideal additions to office settings, as well.
Important: Don’t place these in your home if you have pets running around the house. Peace lilies are highly toxic to animals, especially cats. 


Jade Plant

You’ve likely seen this cute little plant before in Chinese restaurants or at the cashier area of retail stores; this is because the jade plant is known to help those in financial difficulty. Much like the rubber plant, the jade’s plants round leaves represent coins and symbolize good fortune. Place them in the “wealth” area of your home, as well as your home’s entrance and lanai.

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