As we welcome the Year of the Rabbit, BluPrint speaks with celebrity Feng Shui master Marites Allen to learn about what the upcoming animal zodiac brings to the industry and how we can bring luck to our homes. 

It was in 1963 when the Water Rabbit last happened. Compared to the Year of the Tiger in 2022, this year will be more peaceful as it will be the year of love, peace, and harmony. 

An Exciting Year for the Architecture and Design industry 

According to Allen, the Year of the Rabbit will be an exciting year for the industry as we enter the post-pandemic era. Designs then and now are different. Designers are now utilizing technology to provide walkthrough videos and design pegs that allow clients to see and experience the projects better while still in the design process. 

She expects to see more technological advancements this year. Particularly, she mentioned that Metaverse plays a huge role even with Feng Shui. 

The industry will also do a lot of catching up after experiencing tons of delays over the past two years due to the pandemic. This will take place during the latter quarter of the year. 

Activate The South, Southwest, West, and Center for Good Luck

The Year of the Rabbit is an ideal time to start building something new, a house or a building. Feng Shui has a 20-year cycle and we are currently in year 8, which will end in February 2024, explains Allen. While there is still a strong energy this year, it is best to build a new house to be period-compliant and absorb the positive energy.

The celebrity Feng Shui master also explains that the Flying Start method of Feng Shui is one of the most powerful means for enhancing our luck in any given year. “Knowing where the lucky sectors are located and placing Feng Shui enhancers in those auspicious areas can help enhance the positive luck indications. Likewise, placing cures in areas that indicate unlucky energies can help to reduce the influence of the negative stars,” says Allen. 

According to her, every year, different stars “fly” to different sectors of the home or workplace. There are nine stars in total, each of which represents a specific type of energy. Five of these are lucky. Four are unlucky. Knowing where these stars have flown will enable you to individually assess each sector of your home or office. 

Lucky Sectors for 2023

This year, the South is where the wealth star number 8, considered the most auspicious star, is located. When properly enhanced, this energy can attract increased income and continued prosperity throughout the year. “If your main door, living room, or bedroom is in the South, enhance this part of your home or office with lucky symbols such as infinity or 8 figurines, bejeweled Arowana, wealth ship, and a symbol of the God of Wealth,” says Allen. The yang energy here can also be activated with bright lights, happy sounds, and cheerful activities.

Other lucky sectors are the Southwest with the year’s Victory Star, the Center because it has the Romance and Education Star, the West where the so-called Heavenly Luck Star is located, and the North with its Future Prosperity Star.

The Victory Star in the Southwest is related to emerging victorious over rivals, winning over the competition, and gaining a good fortune. This victorious energy brings with it new opportunities and monetary benefits. It also symbolizes a good reputation and professional and scholastic achievements. Residents of houses facing Southwest are bound to enjoy this type of luck in 2023, especially if they enhance this sector with victory-inspired Feng Shui home accessories. 

The auspicious star number 4 has flown to the Center, bringing with it positive prospects for love, marriage, travel, and academic pursuits. Its location in the Center sector brings further indications for luck to benefit everyone in the family. Allen suggests using this area more often for social gatherings to strengthen relationships with family members, loved ones, and friends. Those seeking to be lucky in love may use enhancers such as the Double Happiness and Mystic Knot symbols, as well as Peonies. Especially for those who are married and need to rekindle the passion in their relationships, displaying Crystal Swans or Mandarin Ducks in the Center of the home is advised.

The West sector is blessed by the Heaven Luck Star which activates increased opportunities for unexpected revenue, higher income from commissions, and speculative luck from investments. To enjoy these potential rewards, it will help to place figurines of dragons or bejeweled roosters. The Heavenly star element is Metal, thus enhancing this sector with crystal displays will be helpful. 

The Future Prosperity Star indicates honor, prestige, and strength to those whose main doors are located in the North. Activate the positive energy here with bright lights and other fire-element energies. Placing enhancers such as plants, or Fire-element prosperity symbols will help boost potential gains. 

Unlucky Sectors for 2023

Allen reveals that the most dreaded Misfortune Star has flown to the Northwest in 2023. It is believed to cause accidents, illnesses, breakdowns in relationships, and career problems. It is also associated with everything that brings danger, stress, and depression. To counter the influence of this energy, construction and renovation work or anything that creates loud noise should be avoided in the Northwest. The Earth-element energy of Five Yellow Star is best countered by Metal energy; thus, displaying Feng Shui cures such as the Five-Element Pagoda or 6 metal rod wind chimes will help manage the afflicted energy. 

The illness star is in the East in 2023, which should caution those with East-facing homes to be vigilant, as this will increase the odds of residents suffering from health issues. The Wu Lou figurine is the most popular cure against the Illness Star. Health and longevity amulets are strongly suggested for the elderly and those with existing health problems. For protection, display the Pi Yao, Medicine Buddha, and any anti-illness painting in the East.

The presence of the quarrelsome star in the Southeast in 2023 bodes for problems in personal interactions. There could be many misunderstandings that could lead to serious arguments and even legal disputes. Southeast residents are advised to always carry peace and harmony amulets and to wear anti-legal or anti-argument charms. Other possible cures are the Apple with Mantra or the Peace and Happiness symbol to help keep their relationships harmonious. 

The Robbery and Violence star is located in the Northeast sector in 2023, bringing with it potential accidents and burglary if not properly controlled. Avoid this area to help control possible robbery, gossip, and harmful consequences caused by those with ill intentions. The negative influence of the Robbery Star may be managed by installing water features in the Northeast. Install anti-robbery symbols of the rhino and elephant, which are the traditional Feng Shui cures against possible break-ins and theft.

Do’s and Don’t’s when Building or Renovating Homes 

The Feng Shui master also gives tips for designers and homeowners who plan to build or renovate their homes. She suggests adding a skylight to bring in good energy. Having a well-lit porch is good. Keeping the entrance of a house bright helps welcome good energy when someone enters. She also encourages introducing a water fountain and incorporating green plants in the home as they absorb bad energy and add freshness.

Additionally, she recommends using a round table in the dining room to encourage a healthy discussion flow. In line with this, putting a mirror in front of the dining table is good as it doubles up the food you put on the table. 

In terms of colors, neutral colors for the bedroom wall can give off a sense of newness. Using red and pink sheets can spice up the relationship and green for vitality. In the kitchen, it’s best to avoid reds because they can be too fiery. Colors black, blue, and gray should also be avoided as they’ll clash in the area. 

Incorporating metal and earth elements into the space is also ideal. You may choose colors like white, beige, and cream. 

Allen also highlights the two critical sectors that should not be missing in a house. First is the Southwest, which is the matriarch side or the sector for the woman of the house. This should not be a location for the toilets, kitchen, or storage. Second is the Northwest, which is the patriarch or the sector for the man of the house. When these sectors are lacking, there will likely be a problem.

Building a house with a big tree in the middle should be avoided, as well. This can divide the family. Allen also suggests making sure that the main door doesn’t see through the back of the house. 

For those who have a two-floor house, she recommends not putting the toilet on top of the dining room. This can bring sickness to family members. Positioning the master bedroom on top of the kitchen, meanwhile, can encourage more money to come in but it will also go away easily.

The Feng Shui expert clarifies that the presence of these afflicted energies in specific sectors does not mean the afflictions will happen; rather, there are strong indications that they may occur. “These natural energies should not be taken for granted because they are real. Thus, it is strongly suggested that they should be properly managed. Through the proper and accurate practice of Feng Shui, the probability of any such affliction occurring is lessened,” Allen emphasizes.

The same is true for those sectors that carry positive indications because auspiciousness will not fall on our laps if we simply wait for it to happen. It will require some effort on our part. “Using the proper luck enhancers in the appropriate sectors can align our intentions with the energies present and make enormous differences for us during the year,” Allen concludes.

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