Beyond Lifetime Promise

November 28, 2022



Jude Ramirez

The death of a life form is not the end of its stories. Housing these stories is Magnificat Niches Incorporated and its Beyond Lifetime Promise.

As natural as birth, death is also certain. Though it might have ended someone’s physical form of life, its stories will never cease and be passed on. Thus, it is just right to give high respect to the deceased by securing them their resting place. Burials underground are the conventional practice, especially here in the Philippines. But with due respect to traditional burial, land is scarce.

Columbarium at a Family Mausoleum in Muntinlupa City

Worth the attention also is the current pandemic crisis. Each death recorded caused by the COVID-19 virus has to be cremated for sanitary and safety purposes. Ashes can be safely kept in urns and be stored in columbarium vaults. With this, the demand for a safer and more secure resting place is changing as the years go by.

In this upswing of demand for columbarium vaults, more churches and memorial parks are opting to provide such spaces. Magnificat Niches Incorporated (MNI) accommodated this upswing in demand with developments like the National Shrine for Mary Help of Christians at Better Living Subdivision in Parañaque City, and the Family Mausoleum at a memorial park in Muntinlupa City.

Mary Help of Christians Columbarium at Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque City

From identifying the particular needs of each establishment, designing what’s fit to the needs, and installing the plans, Magnificat Niche Incorporated is also giving valuable tips for the management and operations of the nature of the columbarium business.

Backed with extensive research, an international portfolio, and architectural and engineering expertise, MNI is dependable and values its clients through a durable and reliable columbarium resting place. Even if life ends for the deceased, MNI is committed to delivering its promise of a safehaven beyond their lifetime. 

Magnificat Niches Incorporated is here to make beyond lifetime partnerships with you. If you want to seal this partnership, make sure to visit their official website to see their range of products and services.

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