Maison Bukana: A House Where The River and The Ocean Meet

December 9, 2021



Caresa Lou Magno

Maison Bukana is situated at the end of Malinao General Luna, somewhat hidden behind dense foliage. Privacy is not comprised in this oasis, which makes this exclusive villa such a unique and serene place to be as it is erected between two bodies of water. This tropical getaway has four bedrooms and a swimming pool.

The name Maison Bukana is mix of French and Tagalog words that translate to “a house where the river and the ocean meet.” French-Filipino siblings, Christophe and Stephanie Bariou wanted to build such a villa in Siargao that won’t neglect that sea and the surrounding mangroves and they made sure that sustainability is reflected on every corner of the villa. Nature is at the forefront of the inspiration and design of Maison Bukana as every detail carefully laid out with purpose and intent.

Architect Michael Litang of Litang Architects and George S. Tan of Tanaw Design joined forces to bring the client’s vision to life. Maison Bukana is made of eco-bricks, which was influenced by French architecture, and the structure was made to remind people who saw it of a modern Bahay Kubo. Finely detailed woodwork from local craftsman adorned the villa, while using native materials and products as well. Natural filtering and irrigation systems are incorporated too, making rainfall stream downstream in pipes to provide water source for the villa.

When you step foot in Maison Bukana, you will be greeted by name and given their signature tea to welcome you after an arduous journey. With 25 staff members, Maison Bukana guarantees personalized and top-notch service. Dishes and cocktails from around the world are prepared and served by their private and guest chefs. Ranging from French, Mediterranean, Filipino classics, the staff is aimed to please to show you everything Siargao island can offer and its delicacies. Wine connoisseurs won’t be disappointed by their carefully curated cellar.

The abundant greenery and gorgeous landscape is the villa’s strongest asset, as it allows for people to relax and recompose themselves. The rooms are brimming with light and are open so they could let the air in. Lounge areas are also available for small groups to gather and converse as they let the hours go by. Spaciousness brings serenity at Maison Bukana, where exclusivity and tranquility is a promise.

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Photos by Summer Puertollano

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