Meet The Beauty of Water: A Revitalizing and Space-Saving Shower for Every Home

March 28, 2022



Althea Villanueva

Even in ancient times, bathing and grooming oneself was considered a necessity. The refreshing feeling of being rid of sweat and grime while looking your best creates a significant improvement to one’s mental stability and satiates the human desire to be clean. 

The first shower was invented in 1767 in England, which was mechanically operated by a hand pump and used less water than baths. Since then, showers have imitated the cooling effect of gentle rains as droplets slide across your entire body. Every drop goes a long way, and the water would either wash away both your worries and sweat or cling intimately to your body to keep it moist and soft.

For architects and interior designers, designing a bathroom with a shower can be quite challenging. According to an article in Archdaily, bathrooms are often the smallest and most complex rooms in a house, containing various hydraulic and plumbing equipment. Having these many mechanisms means that it must be carefully planned, which is difficult especially for bath-loving families who desire a shower to be installed in their bathrooms. 

Why Filipinos love bathing

As a tropical country, the Philippines experiences hot temperatures all-year round, making sweat build up faster than other regions. According to a news article, bathing at least twice a day is even more important in the present time as it helps stop the spread of COVID-19 and eliminates unwanted germs on the body. Another study proves that bathing improves mood and reduces fatigue. 

These benefits are amplified when paired with a good shower. An article from Healthline suggests that showers have quite a few advantages over taking a simple bath. Warm showers can help soothe exhausted muscles and release bodily toxins, while cold showers can help burn fat and boost our immunity. Aside from its physical uses, showers can have positive effects on mental health. One is considered to be a form of self-love, as if the water is embracing you tenderly. A shower can even copy the physical social warmth for that dash of intimacy and relaxation the human body needs. Another effect is the fast-paced brisk showers made for days when we are feeling active or bathing after a workout session. Either way, a good shower sets the mood for the day, something that architects keep in mind when drafting a house plan. 

Unfortunately, not all Filipino households have experienced the joys of having a good shower. The average Filipino bathroom includes both the toilet and the bath in a small room, rarely divided into two. The standard building code in a Filipino bathroom is required to be at least 0.9 meters, roughly 35 inches, which is already almost the exact size of a shower room. The minimum dimensions needed for the smallest showers are usually 32 inches by 32 inches. These dimensions can cause quite a problem for architects and interior designers as they try to come up with ways to make sure that their clients are comfortable in each room of their house. 

Save space with hansgrohe

To assist architects in their bathroom drafts, a new innovation from Germany makes its way to the Philippines. Kuysen presents the ultimate space-saving and high-tech shower by hansgrohe, a German sanitary fitting manufacturer. hansgrohe is famous for its innovative solutions and products with intelligent functionality, outstanding design, and high-quality endurance. Established in 1989, Kuysen never fails to deliver only the finest and quality products made to fit with every home and has then evolved into a household name when it comes to luxury furnishings.

Kuysen brings us new hansgrohe Pulsify Shower Range, a specially-designed space-saving and water-saving shower to fit in even the smallest bathrooms. The design can even be installed in larger bathrooms for a minimalist and spacious aesthetic. Having a luxurious bathroom is no longer a fleeting dream.

The flat-profiled nature of the Showerpipe comes with an adjustable inclination angle for your convenience

The overhead shower of the Pulsify Showerpipe is flat-profiled, creating more space to move around as you take a bath. It comes with an adjustable inclination angle, suited for all heights of the homeowners or ceilings. For smaller bathrooms, or if there is a need for more storage space, hansgrohe also offers their WallStoris accessory line. This flexible storage system includes baskets and hooks that are attached directly to the wall rail. 

Aside from its space-saving features, the service, and technology, the Pulsify Shower Range delivers is absolutely satisfying. Its handheld version, the Pulsify 3jet hand shower, comes with either an activating mono spray or a relaxing massage spray. As for the other two default modes, both variations can create a gentle pitter-patter on our tired shoulders with its PowderRain spray mode for slow and loving showers, or the IntenseRain mode for that brisk and quick-cleaning feeling. You can switch the spray modes or use it as a handheld shower with a simple push of a button located on the faucet. 

Pulsify comes with a 40-centimeter shelf that serves as a storage space for shower and bath products, while also housing the ShowerTablet thermostat for maximum control over the water volume and temperature. The housing is not heated up by the water inside, protecting the user from accidental burns. You can also temporarily park the handheld shower on the shelf. 

The EcoSmart variation of Pulsify also provides individual experience as you can reduce the flow of water according to your preferences. Both the showerhead and handheld version are also equipped with the QuickClean function, a signature of hansgrohe that makes their products easy to clean. 

The shower comes with three color choices: Chrome, Matt Black, and Matt White, bringing with it the possibility of pairing it up with the sink and toilet designs. Architects and interior designers are given the gift of space and flexibility with hansgrohe’s Pulsify Shower Range, satisfying clients, bath lovers, and interior design enthusiasts in more ways than one. 

hansgrohe is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Kuysen. Visit their showrooms at Kuysen Design + Experience Center in Makati or the Kuysen Headquarters in Quezon City. Avail a 20% discount when you visit the Kuysen Showrooms by showing the promo code KUYSENXBLUPRINT20. Check out Kuysen’s Facebook and Instagram for more information. 

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