UNFSD Studio launches its new addition to its product line–The Welcome Stool. The brand believes the creative process is never-ending and extremely inspiring. Constant creative development is what makes the world go-’round and what makes it a better place. 

“We are problem solvers that see the world from a completely different perspective, and the problem that we would like to solve is how we can create memorable and unique experiences through great products.”

The Welcome Stool 

Gio and Geoff Prado founded the studio in 2017 that started as a T-shirt project the brothers wanted to explore using old illustrations Gio had in his sketchbook. Five years later, the brand has expanded its product offering into three categories: Apparel, Gears and Accessories, and the Welcome Stool. If there is one thing that all UNFSD products are rooted in, they all start with an original illustration by Gio, the one element the brand has carried throughout its journey.

This year, UNFSD takes pride in offering the Welcome Stool, one of the iconic pieces in the brand’s curated roster of products. Meant to exude warmth, softness, and simplicity in the spaces where it is found. The Welcome Stool is the bi-product of Gio and his team’s effort to redesign and improve a silhouette that was kept in the company’s archives during the initial purchases of their machines. 

UNFSD turns half a decade old this year and is on the journey to creating a specialized and focused product offering that does not compromise. The brand’s strength lies in its product development process, original designs, functionality, and the ability to make simple products extraordinary through experiences and stories behind a piece. UNFSD aims to inspire a  creative person’s everyday lifestyle, focusing on simplicity and premium quality offerings. 

The Welcome Stool’s unique silhouette is proof that this design-driven brand is ultimately about well-thought-off details and experiences a specific product brings forth. The Welcome Stool presents itself as a blank canvas open to creative interpretation for future collaborators. Gio Prado, the brand’s founder and creative director, and Troy Evangelista, who handles product development alongside Gio, lead the tight-knit team behind UNFSD. They are also backed up by an institution in the printing industry, Primex Printers.

“Inspiration is drawn from the great product designers and makers that came long before the brand. We do our best to pay these experiences forward with our touch to it.” 


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