#NewPH: Jason Buensalido’s Vision of a New Philippines

September 24, 2021



Shan Arcega

Together with its partners in architecture, design, and the allied arts, BluPrint’s “The Vision Board” will be featuring personalities who will unify voices aiming for change in the hopes to better the country in the NewPH campaign which encourages readers to register and vote for a better tomorrow. 

Experimenting and exploring is the first step one takes before diving into an entirely new field. Buensalido + Architects is the kind of local architecture firm that does exactly this. In the 15 years that the firm has been at work, Buensalido + Architects flaunts projects that are experimental in nature and result in innovative, contemporary structures. Ultimately, the structures made by this firm are uniquely Filipino and mix the basic contemporary interpretations with Filipino materials and aesthetic qualities. 

In the horizon opening up to the NewPH, Buensalido + Architects is another one of the firms filled with innovative artisans and professionals advocating for sustainable and uniquely Filipino structures that extend from a cooperative government and supportive community. 

In an exclusive interview, sought-after architect and founder of Buensalido + Architects, Jason Buensalido discusses how architecture in the built environment can largely affect the new PH.

Like the neighboring giant countries, a new PH is one that merges its own traditional culture with modern technology and trends that help include the country into the global narrative. A new PH can be more than just a system of commercialized structures serving as the default cityscape. With the right influences and support, the future Philippines wouldn’t be a country that sacrifices Philippine culture.

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