Notes from The Architect Episode 3: Blending Comfort, Innovation, and Aesthetics with Sudar Khadka

November 24, 2023



Rick Formalejo

Architect Sudar Khadka, partner at LVLP and Khadka + Eriksson Furunes, intricately guides us through the innovative design process of the Shear Wall House in the latest episode of BluPrint Notes from the Architect. Tasked with creating a residence for a family of eight within a limited 175 sqm lot, the challenge extended beyond spatial constraints—it had to be earthquake-proof due to the property’s proximity to a faultline.

Shear Wall House by Sudar Khadka for Notes from the Architect
The Shear Wall house built on a 175-square-meter plot for a family of eight was designed to withstand earthquakes | Photography by Bien Alvarez

For Khadka, the primary obstacle was harmonizing comfort and beauty within the triangular space, avoiding any sense of awkwardness. He emphasizes his architectural values of honesty and authenticity, which manifest in his chosen construction techniques. In the case of the Shear Wall House, Khadka delves into the tectonic potential of concrete, exploring how it contributes to a modern vernacular tailored to the Philippine context and climate.

Shear Wall House
Photography by Bien Alvarez

The Shear Wall House project unfolds as a quest to create a functional haven within confined parameters. To achieve this, Khadka adopts a shear wall-foam board-concrete system, leveraging concrete not only as the structural backbone but also as a prominent architectural feature. This innovative approach, incorporating flat slab and shear wall systems, not commonly seen in the Philippines, adds both poetic and practical dimensions to the design.

In the intricate dance of form and function, Khadka explains the technical and aesthetic advantages of this system, emphasizing its poetic effects on the architecture. He underscores that, given the rarity of this approach in the Philippines, the project demanded a degree of innovation to fulfill its unique requirements.

Throughout the endeavor, Khadka encapsulates a valuable lesson: “If the intentions are clear, the solutions will appear.” This sentiment reflects the project’s journey, where clarity of purpose and a commitment to architectural integrity led to innovative solutions, making the Shear Wall House a testament to the seamless fusion of structural ingenuity and aesthetic finesse.

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