This one-bedroom unit should be your home inspiration if you like subtle luxury

June 18, 2018



Hazel Santos

 Take your cue from this luxurious one-bedroom unit in BGC.

City living has its perks, among them proximity to business centers, commercial establishments, and leisure developments. However, all these conveniences come at a price.  Spaces become smaller while property values continue to rise. Whether you draw your home inspiration from Pinterest to furniture pieces, take a look at this elegant condo unit right in the heart of BGC.

Plush pillows, curated home accessories and a mirrored wall create a luxurious ambiance in the living area 

Interior designer Chitz Legaspi’s clients are siblings with businesses both here and abroad. They saw the value of investing in real estate and purchased several units in different locations around the metro. The first project she did for the sister was in another development in Makati. “This unit is her brother’s. She has another one in the other tower beside this building. He wanted me to design this one when he saw the unit I did for her. I suggested a different approach,” Chitz explains.
The unit came with standard finishes as is common with most developments. “I told them, ‘Let’s start with a clean slate so you can start anew.’ So I asked the developer for a bare unit–no tiles, no closet, no kitchen, and no bath,” Chitz recalls. She started working on the design and collaborated with the owners for the space planning shortly after she received the plans.

The wood laminate-clad wall on the right slides open to reveal storage for the owners’ luggage and other items whenever they’re in town. “It was an odd space,” says Chitz of the niche. “Other people would have probably turned it into display shelving or bench seating. We opted for more space.”

Among the clients’ requests were ample storage and huge closets. Chitz decided to retain the structure and carefully considered the pros and cons of the space. “The client wanted the same look as the other unit I did for his sister. I said, ‘No, let’s go higher.’ I think I overdid it,” she says with a laugh.
Chitz had to go on a business trip to Europe while construction was in full swing. “I had a lot of new ideas when I got back. While in Milan, I stayed at a boutique hotel and took inspiration from there.  As a result, I told the contractor, ‘Let’s revise! Let’s do everything in black, gray, and mirrors.’ Tumbling siya,” she laughs.
A bright dining area welcomes guests upon entering the unit. The seating for six consists of a marble-topped table and black leather chairs. A series of gold-plated tubular droplights anchor the space.

In keeping with her clients’ request for storage, Chitz designed sleek cabinetry and a mirrored buffet spanning one wall of the dining area. She also cladded the doors with mirrors to expand the space and reflect light

The space is punctuated by soft, calming hues. Super matte laminates in a light wood tone add warmth to the scheme. The finishes are kept simple but made luxurious with the addition of rich textures and a variety of finishes.

Tubular droplights plated in real gold give emphasize the minimalist feel of the dining space. A brightly lit functional kitchen done in the same finishes is located across it

Half of the space is occupied by a living area that opens out to a balcony. A large gray L-shaped sofa dominates the area. Well-chosen decor line the mirror-backed shelving unit behind it. A ‘light bar’ that runs along the length of the ceiling is one of Chitz’s signature treatments. “You don’t drop a high ceiling because that’s what you’re paying for. You can put pendant lights, spotlights, and even a chandelier if you play with the walls. The ‘light bar’ provides the necessary light without lowering the height of ceiling,” she explains.

Interior designer Chitz Legaspi’s one-bedroom project is your next home inspiration goals

Chitz played with lighting, transparency, and reflection to great effect. “We cladded the doors in mirrors. Outside it looks normal. Inside it’s dark and sophisticated. These are called black mirrors even if they’re technically gray. There’s a lot you can do with walls and other surfaces. You can make them functional like storage or reflective for aesthetics,” she explains.
Opposite the living area is the bedroom done in similar shades of gray. Modern sconces above the headboard were used in place of the usual bedside table lamps. The wall behind the bed was also clad with matte laminate, while across it is what seems like another mirrored wall. Chitz opted to hide the closet behind reflective glass mirrors rather than use the usual wood cabinetry. “It was primarily the idea of my client’s wife. She said, ‘You can make that wall into a closet if you’re going to put the bed there.’ I didn’t want it to feel claustrophobic since the room is small. I saw the finish in a hotel and wanted to ‘localize’ it. We used the same reflective glass mirror for the kitchen partition,” she says.

The bedroom is done in monochromatic gray tones. Reflective glass mirrors hide the closet on the left. Warmth is provided by wood laminate walls, in addition to ceramic floor tiles that also look like wood

“The flooring was a bit tricky since the client wanted the same black walnut I used in his sister’s other unit. It’s a waste if they’re just going to have the place rented. So I opted for wood tiles. The trick is in the installation. The tiles are laid out randomly. Hindi dapat matching ‘yung haspe,” Chitz says.
She opted for light-colored floors to provide contrast to the other finishes. One of the things Chitz likes is the laminate used to clad the surfaces. “It’s super matte laminate and it really looks like veneer. That’s the trick!” she exclaims.

Potted plants and modern chairs from A. Garcia complete the outdoor setting in the balcony. Don’t be afraid of combining different styles, products, and home inspirations to create your own unique style

“Color is good but you don’t always have to follow trends. I used shades of gray, a little dark blue, a lot of wood finishes, and reflective surfaces in this project. Space is precious and design has to work even 10 years from now. It’s on trend but not trendy. That’s my vision,” Chitz finishes.
Photographed by Ed Simon of Studio 100 

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