MAD Architects Designs a Landscaped Rift on New Residential Tower’s Façade

November 15, 2021



Catherine D. Ong

MAD Architects has begun their third major construction in the United States, located in Denver’s River North District. The One River North project is developed by The Max Collaborative and Uplands Real Estate Partners, members of the Ratner Family and Founders and Principals of Forest City Enterprises, in partnership with Wynne Yasmer Real Estate.

At the heart of Colorado, One River North is a commercial and residential tower boasting of a roof-top terrace, 187 rental units, 178 parking slots and an approximate of 8,000 sq. ft. on the ground floor dedicated for retail spaces. What is the most striking about this building would be its cutting-edge facade that spans 10-storeys, featuring sprawling garden, water features and trail-like walkways. These intricate carvings at the front are what the project team fittingly termed as a “landscaped rift.”

“One River North is the model for how we should be living, surrounding ourselves in the natural environment, bringing nature into our homes and creating authentic, biophilic experiences coupled with modern comforts and conveniences. The nature-inspired design by MAD Architects was influenced by Colorado’s legendary landforms and merges nature and architecture to inspire a well-balanced life. Its glass façade is likewise ribbed with louvers that regulate sunlight and soften its visual presence, shaping a serene retreat in the sky.”

– KEVIN RATNER, co-founder of The Max Collaborative

The MAD Architects team has always geared towards projects that take inspiration from nature. With offices in Beijing, Jiaxing, Los Angeles and Rome, they gather such influences globally. “If we regard modern cities as man-made landscape on earth, we need to design canyons, woods, creeks, and waterfalls, transforming concrete forests into second nature,” said MAD founder, Ma Yansong.

For One River North, the Rocky Mountains has greatly influenced how the roof deck was designed. Residents will get to enjoy a pool, spa and garden when they visit the rooftop. On the ninth floor, a yoga studio and fitness center will be available that will also lead to outdoor terraces. Residential units also feature private balconies and picture windows for a breathtaking view of the Colorado skyline.

The aim of MAD is to seek harmony between the building and natural environments and it seems they have achieved just that. One River North is expected to be completed by the last quarter of 2023.

Only last October 2021, MAD Architects revealed “The Star”, 22-storey office block located at the glamorous Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Slated to be one of Hollywood’s next iconic landmark, The Star is shaped like a flattened sphere shape, incorporating an internal funicular cable rail system.

Photos courtesy of One River North

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