Here’s Why You Should Consider Open Shelves For Your Unit

July 17, 2018




Cabinets and built-ins are not always the best storage solution for small spaces. If you have an amazing collection of items inside your unitlike toys, books, or interesting keepsakesis it not better to display them? A great way to flaunt your favorite mementos are through open shelves! Here are more reasons why it’s a good type of investment:

1 | More Space

While cabinets can hide clutter at home, open shelves make a space look brighter and more open. The spaces in between the wood planks of open shelving systems let in more light from windows or lightings.

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2 | Easy Access

The best part about this shelving system is it’s open, which lets you have easy access to your books, trinkets, or accessories. Open shelves are highly recommended in kitchens for tableware and kitchenware used on a daily basis.

3 | More Storage

Open shelving systems increases storage possibilities inside condo units because of the amount of items you could stack on them! You can place multitudes of varying items together all at once! Open shelves make a great space-saving solution!

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4 | Easier to clean

Unlike concealed cabinets which tend to collect dust inside, open shelves are easier to clean. If an item from the shelf gets dusty, one can simply wipe it off or rinse it quickly. If you have items on your shelves that you use often, it keeps them from collecting dirt or dust.

5 | Affordability

Having new sets of cabinets installed in your unit can be pretty expensive. Open shelves are a great economical solution if you’re tight on budget. There are many home stores and furniture shops in the metro that offer inexpensive and budget-friendly shelves. Moreover, you can also opt to DIY or customize your own!

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