Interior Design Trends: Peach Fuzz as Color of the Year

January 31, 2024



Elle Yap

Last December, Pantone Color Institute announced Peach Fuzz as the color of the year for 2024. Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman called it a way of evoking “new modernity” in their press statement. She also said the color “inspires belonging, recalibration, and an opportunity for nurturing.”

Peach Fuzz, a hue that exists between pink and orange, creates a calming texture when used in different environments. Its look is soft, akin to the skin of the fruit that inspired its name. If you’re someone looking for something less neutral than white but not too bold for your home, Peach Fuzz could work in your home. 

Interior designer Rossy Anne Yabut describes Peach Fuzz’s rise as Color of the Year as an evolution. “Peach Fuzz brings back memories of  how a color trend evolved, the blush pink—a crayola shade ingrained in my memories from my younger years.”

Fellow Interior designer Cecil Ravelas agrees: “Immediately it brought me warmth. I relate it to sunrise and sunset. It also brought to mind spring and summer because the peach fruit ripens during that period.”

If you are looking to use Peach Fuzz in your home here are some insights from IDr. Yabut and IDr. Ravelas on what you can do to make the most out of your choices.

Pair Peach Fuzz with neutral grays to add a touch of elegance and a cooler palette to your home. 

Using Peach Fuzz to Accent Your Furniture

Maybe you’re not ready to dive into Peach Fuzz fully at the moment. Instead, maybe you want to try a few small things to test out whether it’s the color for your home. 

“Colors can be introduced as accents and maybe as a fabric upholstery, wallpaper or curtain. Why? Because it’s easier to replace. It won’t be messy to change after one gets tired of the color or if the client decides to just eliminate it and go back to neutral,” IDr. Ravelas said.

If so, you should definitely think about the kinds of colors your home contains already. IDr. Yabut said the color works well with green hues such as sage, emerald, and mint. The use of neutral grays also adds a touch of elegance and a cooler palette to your home. 

When you’re thinking about using other designs to compliment the peach fuzz style, however, IDr. Yabut said that some “elevated textures” need to be considered. “I recommend incorporating rich materials such as luxurious velvets, warm wood, paneling, and genuine marble.”

“People have been reconnecting with nature which translates to use of natural elements and colors—green and peach, complemented by warm tones of wood materials,” IDr. Ravelas said.

Using the Color in Your Home’s Room

A children's bedroom with Peach Fuzz accent pillows, a teepee, and two teddy bears.

Peach Fuzz is an excellent way for substituting pink tones in rooms. It’s an easy way to evoke a similar atmosphere that’s comforting and easy to be in. 
“I have successfully executed numerous projects incorporating Peach Fuzz in playrooms and kids’ rooms, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an alternative to traditional pink tones,” IDr. Yabut said. 

“For a house I used it in a young girls room just to break from the usual pink.” IDr. Ravelas concurred.

Peach Fuzz can be applied to a whole room beyond your children’s! IDr. Ravelas said that she “would use it in the kitchen, breakfast nook, lanai, and informal living room.”

However, it needs to be done with consideration to make it work with your personal style and aesthetic. 

“Depending on the design concept and the level of activity in a space, Peach Fuzz can be applied into any part of a home. Much like any color, the skill of a talented interior designer can work wonders, creating magic with Peach Fuzz and enhancing the appeal of any space,” IDr. Yabut said. 

“It can be applied in any part of the house the key is how one applies it and harmonize it to make it work for the space and the client,” IDr. Ravelas said.

Looking At Peach Fuzz in the Long Run

A bright and airy living room with floor to ceiling windows. A white sectional sofa has peach fuzz accent pillows and a throw blanket. The walls are also in light peach fuzz hue.

When we think about possible new trends, we’re always thinking about the future. The idea running through our head is whether that trend will look good five, ten, and fifteen years from now. Is this kind of wall one that you might get tired of looking at? Is this couch going to bring the room together even after years of use? 

With that in mind, is Peach Fuzz good for your home in the long run? It depends on your taste: IDr. Yabut calls peach fuzz “a vibrant and youthful vibe” and said the color may exist more as something subtle to use in your home. 

“Trends are ever-evolving, and despite its current status, Peach Fuzz may find its place in subtle accents or transitional designs, offering a timeless touch amidst the dynamic shifts in color preferences,” she said.

“In the 80s, everybody was into peach and I grew up with the color. Trend’s changed and it’s back. I think it’s a cycle,” IDr. Ravelas commented. She believes that the use of such light tones is partially because of the past few years’ experience.

“I think in this post pandemic time, people are still healing and recovering from the experience. We don’t realize it but we all have some form of trauma that we are recovering from and so when we do homes we are conscious of that in our design,” she said.

In the end, IDr. Yabut believes in the need for designers and clients to communicate their intentions well together so they can create the platonic ideal of the kind of home they want. 

“While the annual color of the year can certainly be a source of inspiration, I believe in a collaborative process between the designer and the user. This ensures that the chosen palette not only reflects current trends but also seamlessly aligns with the client’s individual preferences and lifestyle, resulting in a timeless design,” IDr. Yabut said.

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