Phra Pradeang House mirrors contemporary progression in its community

December 5, 2021



Catherine D. Ong

In the heart of South Bangkok where several narrow streets are constantly undergoing changeovers, Thailand architecture firm All(zone) designed and built the Phra Pradeang House, a three-storey structure where layers of concrete blocks make up its intricate criss-cross design.

Each block was custom-made and stacked in such a way to provide privacy, shade and breeze for the people inside. The residence is situated near a main street, in one of the old neighborhoods in Samut Prakan. The unique, yet practical, concrete lattice incisions still provide a means for natural light to flow in as patterned shadows dance along the floor and walls.

The property measures at 388 sq. m. in land area with it housing a small indoor pool on the ground floor. The architects gathered inspiration to craft it like a central well. All(zone) had this feature modeled after the tropical shop houses of Southeast Asia in order to allow natural ventilation and gently sunlight to get through every room.

The aim was to design a house that blends in an urban environment, so that a small dwelling would be able to adapt to modern and aesthetic architecture.

The concrete blocks layered at the front of the residence is its most distinctive feature. Some of the lattice screens are open, while some are closed, in order to give more light and ventilation.

“The concrete blocks wrapping around the perimeters are especially designed for the project to interact with the adjacent buildings with a variation of manners, to keep privacy in different degrees.” – All(zone)

This latticed facade design works well in helping to distribute and diffuse sunlight, as well as the efficient circulation of air all around the home, especially for warm climate.

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