Pillow Talk: Know Your Pillows

December 1, 2015




Getting a good night’s sleep is all about comfort—the perfect mattress, the right pillows. So choosing pillows can be both daunting and extremely important. On top of their practical use, pillows are also accent pieces for bedroom interiors, so you have to think of style and function. To help you weigh your pillow options, read on:
Feather Pillows
Classic feather pillows are made of duck and geese feathers, which make the pillows naturally soft. Feather pillows are durable, but premium pillows can be pricey. However, they’re not ideal for people with asthma and allergies.
Memory Foam
Compared to fiber fill and feather pillows, memory foam pillows come in a wider array of sizes and shapes. The main feature of memory foam is its ability to follow the contours of your body for added comfort and support. However, memory foam tends to be slightly hotter on the body than traditional pillows.
Pressure relieving and temperature sensitive, Tempur moulds exactly to your body. Instead of memory foam which compresses under weight, with Tempur millions of open cells gently move around pressure points to support without counter pressure. While memory foam retains contours, Tempur returns to its original shape when you lift your body off.

Fiber Fill
Filled with synthetic fibers, fiber fill pillows are the most inexpensive choice. While they don’t last very long, they’re breathable and essentially disposable pillows. So if you don’t have specific needs in terms of back or neck support, if you change pillows frequently or if you need many pillows, consider fiber fill as a choice that won’t break the bank.
Cotton Pillows
Another natural material, cotton filled pillows are hypoallergenic and more absorbent than other pillow types. However, they don’t follow body contours well and can stiffen over time.
To learn more about Tempur mattresses, beds, pillows, and accessories, visit ph.tempur.com.
by Nicole Rivera, Art by Mark Lopez

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