A good public space doesn’t fulfill only one purpose nor does it serve as another headache for the neighborhood. If designed well, a playground can help children have better play experiences while giving neighborhood adults a beautiful new space. One example of a great playground is the Red Dunes Playtopia in Guangzhou, China. 

The playground centers around a central white column.

Crafted by XISUI Design, Red Dunes Playtopia is set above an underground parking and is inspired by both the natural forms of mountains and caves, and the celestial colors of Mars. To balance the overall color scheme, XISUI Design avoided the dominance of red colors and used complementary blue hues. Made up of a fun arrangement of hills and arches that encourage climbing and exploration, it’s an attractive terrain that allows children to engage in the most active activities like running, jumping, and climbing. 

Underneath the playground’s concrete shell are sheltered areas similar to caves.
Aside from simple climbing, kids are also offered more experiences like running and jumping near the sheltered space.

To ensure safety and stability, a load-bearing concrete shell was used as the playground’s structure, arranging the openings in a way that any load is transferred to the supporting columns of the building below. Various play areas were hidden under the concrete shell that presents an undulating topography similar to the atmosphere of a cave and blends harmoniously with the terrain. With this design, the space is maximized while structural elements are minimized. The covered play space is also accentuated by a central white column equipped with a ladder leading to a white playhouse set above the concrete shell and connecting to a metal slide. Up the shell’s sides are ropes and climbing walls equipped with white railings that provide extra safety. 

The Red Dunes Playtopia is modeled after desert dunes and colored with celestial themes.

Across the rest of the site are other play equipment like more tunnels, stepping stones, slides, and tactile climbing frames suited for different age groups ranging from toddlers to teenagers.

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