Pristine Lampard Highlights Filipino Craftsmanship on Global Stage

November 11, 2022



Rick Formalejo

Filipino-made products are making waves in the global market. Thanks to the talented Filipino artisans, local craftsmanship is earning a well-deserved reputation not only in the country but also abroad. One of those who introduced Filipino craftsmanship on a global scale is Pristine Lampard, founder of the Dalisay Collection. 

Pristine Lampard
Pristine Lampard, founder of Dalisay Collection

Inspired by her work and travels in East Africa and Asia with nonprofits and social enterprises, Lampard started meeting with makers and curating her small collection of handcrafted pieces from around the world for her home in Hong Kong. 

Despite not formally studying design, she decided to establish Dalisay Collection where she can provide unique designs and create consciously and sustainably. She also wanted to acknowledge the people and materials behind the pieces. Her team works closely with skilled independent craftsmen in small family-owned workshops in the Philippines. “Each piece we create carries a story behind it – from the people to the locally sourced materials and the modern and traditional techniques used,” Lampard told BluPrint.

Dalisay Collection started as a bespoke furniture company. Its retail brand launched in Hong Kong in March 2021 with a 6-month pop-up store in K11 Musea. Since then, the company has expanded and now offers retail and custom furniture works in Hong Kong and the Philippines. 

Dalisay Collection Store

Lampard believes that the Philippines has been a manufacturing home for global furniture brands for years. For her, however, Filipino craftsmen and local materials don’t get enough recognition they truly deserve. It is one of her goals to change the narrative and bring real acknowledgment of the talents of Filipino craftsmen to the global stage.

“Sharing the origin of our creations remains at the forefront of our company messaging as our team continues to push the boundaries of what we can create through a collaboration of our unique design language, locally sourced materials, and both traditional and modern artistry,” Lampard emphasizes. 

The brand strives to provide local craftsmen with meaningful and fairly compensated work, help preserve their trade and make real contributions to their livelihoods and communities by exposing the skills of local makers and connecting them to new global audiences. 

Sustainability is at the heart of Dalisay Collection’s design process. The brand focuses on circular design principles, together with its small-batch creation. “Every piece we make can have a longer life cycle and can be used, repaired, then reused again and again either in their original form or in new designs,” Lampard explains. 

When it comes to aesthetics, Dalisay Collection creates pieces with timeless designs. The brand also aims to use natural materials as much as possible to produce high-quality creations. 

Another way Dalisay Collection promotes sustainability is through its Flexible Ownership which provides access to its long-lasting furniture for short-term ownership. “The goal of this is to give clients a chance to buy or try our designs for a short period while reducing furniture waste,” says Lampard. 

When designing her collections, Lampard gets inspiration from nature. “I’m fortunate that although I live in Hong Kong which is known for its skyscrapers, I live in the countryside close to nature and the beach,” she says. Her creative inspiration mostly comes from when she’s outside moving, be it hiking, kayaking, or even when she’s simply enjoying her outdoor space at home. 

Pristine Lampard

In the Philippines, she gets inspired by the beautiful local ancestral homes. “I love seeing how families preserve and maintain their family history and culture over generations.”

She adds that her brand pays homage to both of these inspirations through the use of local materials and techniques in a more modern, yet organic, form. Her team mostly uses locally sourced materials, such as solid wood, rattan, abaca, volcanic stone, and natural cotton. 

Dalisay Collection Furniture

Lastly, as the fast furniture movement dominates the manufacturing industry, Dalisay Collection chooses to go in the opposite direction by creating high-quality, unique furniture that can last for generations. “By creating in small batches, we can take more playful design risks, making our furniture, even more, one of a kind,” Lampard highlights. 

Since the brand uses reclaimed, solid wood, every piece of wood furniture it makes will be different as the natural wood grain can’t be reprinted or replicated. Lampard adds that every piece of solid wood they work with has a history, a story, like their clients. “We love that our clients can enjoy our designs in their homes and spaces and create the next chapter of their lifecycle.”

It brings pride to the country whenever local craftsmanship is recognized abroad. It can inspire young designers to showcase their talents and tell more stories of what makes Filipino craftsmanship unique and worth celebrating. 

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