The graduating batch of Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) takes on the challenge of marrying the past and present with designs that breathe new life into historical spaces in an exhibit called “JUXTAPOSE: Espasyo at Panahon”, on 1-31 October 2018 at Santolan Town Plaza, San Juan City.

Adaptive reuse is re-purposing old buildings or sites for functions other than what it was originally built for. The PSID 2018 batch explores adaptive reuse as a solution to design problems.

JUXTAPOSE, co-presented by Santolan Town Plaza and in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), will showcase 17 well-thought-out booths that will challenge proponents of cultural heritage, developers, and the audience to find creative solutions in the restoration and rehabilitation of historical structures.

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Booth 15, Station No. 15 by Sophia Aguado, Alecsa Alcantara, Naomi Estiva, and Rani Lorenzana. A co-working bar featuring accents inspired by the steampunk genre, the redesigned old Tanduay Fire Station’s storage room redefines the curbs of Manila and serves a new purpose to the modern Manileño.

The exhibit will have three galleries: Tahanan, Pangkalakal, and Pang-industriya, where forgotten historical structures are given relevance once again and given design concepts such as bars, cafes, specialty stores, wellness centers, and more.

The Tahanan gallery will focus on residential buildings like the iconic Bahay na Bato, and will feature booths such as “The bar beneath…in San Juan”, “The Vigan Atelier”, “Small Space, Big Living”, “Modern Filipino Haven”, “Bridal Boudoir”, and the “Marahuyo Spa and Tea House”.

The Pangkalakal gallery will present booths reminiscent of Escolta and Avenida Rizal’s commercial streetscapes like the “La Moneda Bookshop and Café”, “CC Café + Creatives”, “Little Café Museum”, “Café 308”, “Kusina Aduana”, and “Below Zero Gelateria”.

The Pang-industriya gallery will highlight design solutions for old industrial sites which will be demonstrated in the booths “Fit Street”, “Dor-Moderno”, “Station No. 15”, “Polo Estacion”, and “KM 102 Gentleman’s Barber Lounge”.

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Booth 14, Dor-Moderno by Dudz Dumasig, Naomi Ng, Lei Santelices, and Celina Zaraspe. A modern and contemporary dormitory with interiors and facade inspired by its original design as the San Nicolas Fire Station, the aesthetic blueprint of this mid-century modern dormitory was lifted from the accent walls and metal works derived from its old form. Elements inspired by the original fire station were made intact such as the use of the fireman’s poles, the space’s wooden interior, and the fire truck ladders.

JUXTAPOSE proudly shares this celebration of heritage and ingenuity with All Home, Apo Floors, Boysen, CW Home Depot, Designery, Edison Electric Integrated, Fineza Decorative Renderers, Fyrelyn Industries, Habitat, HMT Industries, Ilaw Atbp./LitesPlus, Jo-Liza’s Arts & Antiques, Keystone Lamps & Shades, La Europa Ceramica, , Matimco, Stockwell Café + Lounge, Schema, Spectrum by Larry’s, Tierra Plants, and Toto. 

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Images courtesy of PSID

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