Heritage buildings behind Quiapo Church to make way for commercial building

September 24, 2018



Jomae Bondoc

We will bid farewell to Quiapo heritage buildings, including the Art Deco Life Theater (or Teofilo Villonco Building) designed by Pablo Antonio behind the Quiapo Church. These will be soon taken down to make way for a new 33-storey commercial building.

Commercial building to replace Quiapo heritage buildings

bluprint.onemega.com Heritage Buildings Behind Quaipo Church to Be Turned down to Make Way for a New Commercial Building

Foinix Center, a Chinese-owned commercial building, is said to be erected behind the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene or Quiapo Church.

Netizens have chimed in regarding the new construction, saying Filipinos should care more about their irreplaceable built heritage.

Other netizens are concerned that the commercial building might overwhelm the view of the Quiapo church in the same manner the Torre de Manila “photobombed” the Rizal Monument.

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However, some netizens disagree and said that heritage buildings should be demolished and remodeled the weak structures won’t harm the public. Apart from that, new commercial buildings can also attract tourists and investors.

The said construction will also prevent street vendors from peddling goods along the street, making the place more organized and giving it better traffic.

Demolition of some buildings already started around the area. Local officials of Manila and the Chinese-owned building are yet to comment about the demolition of the Quiapo heritage buildings and construction of commercial building.

Photo of the project site as of 22 Sept 2018 by anakngpasig via Skyscraper City

More details about the new commercial building are yet to be released by the owner. 

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