Reinventing Heritage: Revolutionizing the Future Through Nostalgia

July 11, 2022



Denise Ayado of ACIIID

Prompted by custom and pushed forward by innovation and new ideas, Nostalgic Futures tap into our consciousness on what the aesthetics of tomorrow will be. This movement celebrates the myriad of influences that continue to shape our legacy. While previous iterations of heritage reinterpretations draw inspiration from classical designs, ACIIID delves deeper into areas of craftsmanship, cultural collaborations, pop culture, and digital translations.

Crafting the Cosmos

Crafting the Cosmos forges the union between reverence towards divinity and the psyche combined with the appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. The Temenos Project by StudioPepe and Galerie Philia is a synergistic installation that takes in the form of ancient monuments. Along with it is StudioPepe’s collection based on the four elements as well as the nine archetypal gods and goddesses of Egyptian culture.

Meanwhile, Dimorestudio took on a more understated approach through Oublié, an interior gallery exhibition that explores the subconscious through ethereal spaces. Following the Italian studio’s nostalgic signature, the gallery invited people to immerse themselves in a place where time stood still in a “forgotten” apartment, amidst a collection of contemporary furniture, lighting, and textiles.

Craft Revivalist Ashiesh Shah turned to organic forms and the craft of weaving as a way of articulating the concepts of collaboration and co-creation within the infinite universe.His collaborations with Jaipur Rugs are inspired by ancient astronomy, zodiacs, and the physical manifestations of the cosmos through the four elements.

Collaborative Cultures

Design has always been a diverse melting pot that encourages collaboration, not just with people but within various traditions and cultures. Textile brand Vlisco is a testament to this movement. Its distinctive fabrics combine the time-honored techniques of Indonesian batik with Dutch design and craftsmanship to express the brand’s inspiration from African culture.

Un à Un Exhibition: Celebrating 170 years of Vlisco Design in collaboration with Michiel Schuurman

Challenging traditional boundaries and societal expectations, photographer Abdulaziz Al-Hosni explores the narrative of how masculinity is and can be perceived in modern times. “Magic Land” is Al-Hosni’s take on Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”. Participated by men from diverse cultural backgrounds, it explores the concepts of emotions that are detached from the rigid structures that society has subjected them to.

“Magic Land” by Abdulaziz Al-Hosni

Digital Contexts

Merging two opposite ends, Ouchhh introduced their recent projects to the public which utilized famous masterpieces in art history to create immersive exhibitions. From the baroque period to Leonardo da Vinci’s works, Ouchhh’s “AI Baroque Data Painting” and “Leonardo da Vinci: The Wisdom of AI Light” the cutting-edge new media studio demonstrated how history and technology can work together to articulate new forms of experiential visualization.

Moving into pop culture, we also took a look at “Jibaro”, a story of a siren and a deaf knight that turned deadly due to each other’s obsession with selfish gains. Reimagined from classic siren folklores of multiple cultures, the final episode of Netflix’s Love, Death, and Robot’s third season made use of keyframe animation to create a dazzling spectacle that looks realistic with a hint of CGI. 

“Jibaro” from “Love, Death, and Robots” Image Credit: Netflix

Futuristic endeavors may capture the attention of the public with their novelty, but they also bring out feelings of uncertainty. By lending a touch of nostalgia and cultural inspiration, designers and brands evoke a level of familiarity that eases the adoption of innovation and technology. 

Content Direction and Writing: Denise Ayado of ACIIID

Trend and Content Curation: PJ Almera of ACIIID

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