The story of BluPrint started with a phone call. In 1998, Bettina Bonoan, the first Editor-in-Chief of BluPrint, called Sari Yap, founder of One Mega Group, for a copy of Mega Magazine Centennial Issue 1992. The phone call resulted in Yap and Bonoan going out for lunch and sharing beautiful stories until Yap told the latter to expect a call from her should Mega decide to embark on doing a magazine on architecture.

True to her words, Bonoan received a phone call from Yap one December asking her to come for an interview. A few days later, Bonaon was asked to report in January 1999. BluPrint was the first architecture and design sourcebook in the Philippines. Bonoan was given free rein to take charge of the magazine. For more than 20 years, BluPrint has remained its authority.

Sari Yap, who was a visionary and a fearless leader, sadly passed away on September 9, 2019, after a long battle with cancer. However, the founder of One Mega Group left behind an incredible legacy.

“The BluPrint experience was one for the books. There was complete trust given by Sari and Jerry. And with TRUST (in all capital letters) came the great responsibility of delivering a product of the highest standard. For check and balance, I was invited to board meetings to present BluPrint’s stories and plans for the upcoming issues. And they would always say, “Thank you.” And on the very few times, they would comment, I would intently listen.” 

Bettina Bonoan, first Editor-in-Chief of BluPrint

“I would consult Sari when I needed guidance,” Bonoan added, speaking highly of Sari’s support for the magazine. “Like when I needed more “substance” in some stories and she even ended up writing an article for BP!”

BluPrint will always remember Sari Yap as a fearless leader who constantly challenged and empowered the people she worked with. She had the uncanny power to motivate everyone around her to be their best selves, and that was the mark she left in the world.

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