Renovation 101: Hiring The Right Contractors

February 23, 2016



Yvette Tan

A helpful guide for your major home makeover

More than just picking colors and finishes, here is an in-depth guide to your house-renovating journey. Be it one room or your entire house, careful planning results to a beautiful home instead a remodeling nightmare. Know all the ins and outs of house renovating with this handy guide.

Part 2: Hiring The Right Contractor

As soon as you’ve finished you pre-renovation planning, it’s now time for your to hire a contractor. Your contractor will oversee the renovation of your dream space, and is also the person you will be communicating with daily, so it is important that you find a contractor who is not only trustworthy, but also comfortable to work with.

  1. Ask the Right Questions – See if you can interview past clients. Ask them about the contractor’s work habits: is he punctual? Does he stick to the scope of work and to the budget? How good is he at troubleshooting?
  2. Figure Out a Schedule – Know when will the workers be onsite; how often will the contractor be there; and who will be the point person on the days that he isn’t. Ask about his policies when it comes to change, just in case. Also find out how you will be able to communicate with your contractor.
  3. Protect Your Property – Figure out how your belongings and the rest of your house will be secured and kept dust and accident-free while renovating to lessen the risk of damage and theft.

As long as you and your contractor have a good communication, then everything will turn out well. Like what Billy Joel said in one of his songs “It’s a matter of trust!”.

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