Ricco Ocampo’s Haven in the Suburbs

December 11, 2021



Daniel Lampa

Maverick entrepreneur and fashion retailer Ricco Ocampo admits to being a curious person seeking more interestingly creative endeavors. This translates to the meaning of his career, now and into the future.

Since his home has a wealth of art pieces and decors that a gallery would envy, Ricco Ocampo shares his favorites among his collection. “I love our amethyst rock and our collection of Emilio Aguilar Cruz works. I love our Macro Vitalis and Nena Saguil artworks as well. Our collection of serving pieces over the years has evolved to our personal stamp. These Neal Oshima portraits are my wife’s, Tina. Along with these, I love a few furnitures I designed decades ago for Barneys New York. Also Celerie Kemble, Kelly Wearstler and Peter marino, among others.”

Given the open spaces evident in the home, Ricco Ocampo also tries to integrate a holistic approach when it comes to designing his residence. The garden is a manifestation of it, with an abundance of house plants and trees to help relax and sooth the mind after a tiring day.

He agrees that slow living is a lifestyle that has grown even more popular during the pandemic. He has to adapt to these changes, without sacrificing [completely] the social activities he used to enjoy. He still dines and entertains in his lovely home, however, following safety guidelines of limiting only up to 4 guests. Socialization has become more personal and intimate, and he recognizes it to be beneficial.

It is not just the Philippines which he believes would be better off with adapting to the slow living movement, the world world might find it to be a good thing too. “Life is too short not to value each day,” he says meaningfully, perhaps having more time to reflect about how precious it is to slow down and give importance to relationships and possessions that truly matter.

Slow living does not happen spontaneously. It is a way of life that has to grow on you. Ricco Ocampo swears by whatever it is that would reflect one’s authenticity when it comes to building your home. People should embrace the personal mementos which give meaning to their lives. Interior trends are for the magazines but one has to be true to themselves to create an interior of the lives.

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