13 Questions with Interior Designer Rock Robins

March 20, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Interior designer Rock Robins has been around the design industry for a very long time. He is a go-to for contemporary condo designs with a client list from Cebu, to Manila, to Singapore. Aside from leading his own interior design team with six junior designers, Rock also manages a tile and furniture store with a scent line on the side. “My store and my practice compliment each other, when they overlap, it’s actually seamless,” Rock Robins shares.

Here’s 13 things you probably didn’t know about Interior Designer Rock Robins.

1 How did you get into interior design?

It’s all the influence of my family business. We’ve always been a part of tile industry so, I get exposed to a lot of international exhibits. From there, I’ve grown to love interior design.

2 Where do you get inspiration from?

Fashion and travel. Since I go to a lot of stores abroad, I see how they execute designs and I really get inspiration from those retail stores. And fashion itself. How I dress, how I accessorize myself, that’s also how I accessoize my interiors. Read More: How Interior Designer Rock Robins Designed His Own Condo Unit

3 Do you have a “designer’s block”, and if you do, what do you do about it?

I do! It happens! I sleep and after I wake up I’m good to go. Sometimes I watch TV too.

4 If you weren’t an interior designer, what would you be doing?

A lawyer. I always like to be in line with the law. You have to defend the law and live by it. I didn’t pursue it because have a hard time studying [laughs].

5 What is one accessory that every home should have?

A photo frame because it always personalizes a space. I can put any item on a shelf but a photo of the person staying there instantly makes it more personal.

6 What’s your Design Philosophy?

You get what you pay for, you have to invest in your space.

7 Do you subscribe to trends, yes or no?

I try not to, but some clients will require you to do a certain style because they like the trend. I always try to put a twist on that trend to make it timeless.

8 If you’re not working, what are you doing?

Traveling and shopping!

9 Favorite country?

France, Paris!

10 Worst Part about designing

Deadlines! Sadly, some clients have very unreasonable deadlines.

11 Materials you like right now?

Gold, gold, gold.

12 How was is venturing into home scents from interior design?

I’ve really wanted to do something with scents. When I travel, I always see scents being sold by hotels or stores, so I wanted to have my own scentline under La Maison. In all of my projects, I leave candles or diffusers with a scent that will reflect the personality of my client.

13 Decorating vs. Designing, what’s the difference

Educational background. An interior designer has a degree. An interior designer can be a decorator but a decorator can never be an interior designer.

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