A Curated Open Space for Work and Play

December 14, 2021



Daniel Lampa

An open concept floor plan aims to maximize space and provide natural flow from room to room. One can combine the kitchen and other living area into a single great room that’s perfect for relaxed entertaining and informal gatherings. Such is the case for senior graphic and web designer, Ruben Enilo. Most of his clientele are from the United States so he opts to meticulously curate his space to serve as his office as well.

When asked on how he conceptualized the style of his home, he states the reasons behind the overall interior design. “I find that designing my space encompasses a lot of visual feature like round, bulbous, white, black and brown contrast, organic, sense of openness or things to flow, not overly done/staged, and very sumptuous. I wanted all of the textures and colors of my space to really be quiet and earthy. Everything feels very soft and rounded.”

Living in the Philippines, slow living tends to be the way to go, but Ruben Enilo believes that this is dependent on one’s own lifestyle and aptly so. He specifically chose the location of his apartment where everything isn’t rushed or hurried. It is important for him that his working space allows for items to be easily reached when needed so he doesn’t get stressed. He is also a firm believer that it is ideal to relax and cool down before heading to bed, no matter what job or lifestyle you lead.

Integrating a holistic approach in an open space is essential in the overall feel of the home. Ruben Enilo shares his morning routine to illustrate how he does this. “I definitely think that the one chair I sit on every morning to drink my coffee has become my medication corner and I treat it as my healing chair. It helps me to stay grounded through practicing gratitude and positive thinking.”

For him, slow living is a lifestyle that encourages a slower approach to aspects of everyday life. It could be as simple as making one’s bed in the morning or realized through the process of making coffee in the morning.

In this time of the pandemic, one should choose to take the time to do things that make them at ease in order to make life more meaningful. Being in our homes these days, everyone is curating their space according to what can help them to stay sane. Instead of slow living just becoming a trend, one can comfortably assimilate into this way of life.

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