Get Ready to Take Notes Because Another BluPrint Webinar is Coming Your Way

February 2, 2021



Peaches Garcia

Thinking of giving your home the upgrade it deserves? BluPrint, along with Scavolini and Modularity Home, has got it all taken care of in this virtual event.

Almost 11 months have gone by since the announcement of lockdowns swept the nation. Staying home for the majority of the day led professionals and homeowners alike to become more observant, and maybe even more meticulous, with the looks and functionality of their humble abodes. Thankfully, through another insightful webinar that a lot of us have grown accustomed to this past year, BluPrint, Scavolini, and Modularity Home are opening their doors to contribute how we take into consideration the various factors that come with looking at our homes through a different lens. In more ways than one, the webinar titled Rethinking Residences will be the first step in ensuring that we become wiser and more practical with how we create, model, and build our homes.

READ MOREStyle Your Kitchen like Michelin-Star Chef Carlo Cracco

Scavolini, the biggest kitchen manufacturer from Italy, offers over 40 models with several materials and finishes to choose from such as classic, modern, and industrial. The brand has also extended its expertise in cabinetry and design to bathroom and living systems, as well as furniture and accessories that can be used to complete one’s personal space. Meanwhile, Modularity Home, the exclusive distributor of Scavolini in the Philippines, focuses its core on modular living systems that began with kitchens, which everyone knows is the true heart of every home. The company has also expanded their scope to bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobe, and entertainment systems, ensuring the homeowner’s soul and personality are injected into each room.

Reimagining the way you see your home

In a report released by Lamudi Philippines in partnership with Colliers Philippines, homeowners and property buyers have been interested in upscale amenities that have become necessary for them to have safe and stately homes. But how do renowned architects and designers advise their clients to make smart investments in high-quality, human-centric, and creative solutions? On February 26, 2021, at 2:00 p.m., Rethinking Residences will be welcoming industry experts to highlight design solutions for residences, focusing on efficiency, elevated quality of life, and equity.

Through the virtual event presented by BluPrint and co-presented by Scavolini and Modularity Home, viewers and clients can expect to learn how their homes can evolve in terms of form and function; be provided opportunities to elevate their quality of life through beautiful and clever design; and be given an inside scoop on how members of the design industry examine premium home systems and solutions in ensuring these contributions make for long-lasting homes.

You may register via Zoom as early as now. Mark your calendars and stay updated by following BluPrint (Facebook, Instagram), Scavolini (Facebook, Instagram), and Modularity Home (Facebook, Instagram).

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