Serenity at Its Finest: The Z House in Tel Aviv by Milic + Harel Architects

January 23, 2022



Maria Rebecca Abaya

Every house is unique and has its own story to tell. It has its own concerns to address, and that design should encourage positivity to how homeowners will easily adapt to their chosen place of residence together with its innate present surroundings. Architects and interior designers have this indescribable, non-verbal power to influence building the living culture for residents that are to be formed and yet to be started, depending on how such a house is planned and designed. For the newly built Z House, the good combination of how the owner wants to live in the house and the architect’s vision resulted in such a stunning lovely residence.

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Z House nestles on a 700 square meter plot of land along the main road of a quiet neighborhood in the city. Since the site location is adjacent to a busy road, the architects, Milic + Harel Architects, saw this as a design concern, having the need to reduce the noise coming from the traffic outside. Two more concerns raised by the homeowners were to have a house with a sense of serenity and that utmost privacy is provided.

Addressing the noise and privacy concerns, the architects introduced a two-layer buffer at the entrance façade. This two-layer consists of the off-white concrete perimeter walls and the strip of the lush greeneries surrounding the area. Also on the façade are the rusty-like copper metal gates and accent walls, bringing out contrast and warmth, complementing with the buffers for the overall aesthetics.

Entering the property, residents and guests are welcomed by a series of señorita concrete steps, or low-riser steps, leading to this massive house entrance that is shaped like a niche with a huge steel door. The architects called it a “hole in the wall: where the façade has no openings, only a niche with a steel door.” Walking inside the house, such openness and spacious living spaces embrace its residents. The views of the back garden can be easily seen through the clear 4-meter-high glass walls that some more emphasize the serenity of the garden. These unobstructed views unite and create that seamless transition of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The peaceful and calm rear garden is filled with abundant greens not only serving as a buffer from neighbors’ sightlines but also offering that needed relaxation and pleasure to the homeowners. The pool serves as the highlight of the garden with its turquoise reflection that harmoniously coincides with the rest of the greeneries. Adding privacy to the gardens also, are the high vertical bamboo poles for that desired peace of mind.

The stunning Z House can be perceived as a luxury bungalow or a single-storey house from the outside. Positively, the site’s uneven land terrain allowed the house to have the guestroom to be at different levels – above and below the entry-level. In the basement is another guest room that features an interesting pull-out bed and a large oak wood sliding partition, giving options for users to have a larger space whenever needed.

Completed in 2021, the Z House also boosts such an eye-pleasing minimalistic interior. Going for minimalistic design permitted for open layout plan having residents plenty of spaces to breathe and move freely. The premium quality of workmanship in the details also adds up to the luxurious contemporary living of the residents.

Article Credits: Drawings courtesy of Milic + Harel Architects©; Images courtesy of Amit Geron ©

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