Shop For Her: Women-Owned Shops You’ll Love To Buy Your Next Home Decor

May 1, 2024



Hannah Haber

Empowering women starts at home—literally! Looking to add a touch of personality and purpose to your space? Your home decor choices can make a difference, especially when you support talented women entrepreneurs.

As women gradually build a reputation as successful business owners, now is the best time to patronize what they offer, particularly in elevating your interior. Add a few more decorations to your house and advocate women empowerment at the same time! Here are 5 women-owned home decor shops to get your next interior add-ons and participate in this simple feminist act. 


Women-owned home decor shops.

Founded by Roberta Limjap and Anna Zavalla, raw.tura is a lifestyle furniture design company offering a range of vintage and contemporary pieces. Originating in Manila, the owners began selling furniture inspired by nature, culture, and timeless comfort in 2014. Its brand name came from the creative combination of the word “raw” and the Latin term for natural, “natura.” 

Aligned with this wordplay, this furniture studio promotes local artistry through its finest selections of locally-sourced natural materials. Rattan, raffia, and saguran are commonly integrated with metal and other natural materials to create modern and functional designs. 

Aside from materials, raw.tura supports Filipino artisans who handcraft every furniture piece with care and top-tier skills. More than breaking gender stereotypes in the furniture industry, the company is also championing Filipino nationalism and patronage. 

Wall cabinets, sofas, armchairs, and woven baskets are only some of their distinct pieces  answering to modern home necessities. 

Mysa Clay

Women-owned home decor shops.

If you’re into ceramic art and collecting mugs, you can browse through Mysa Clay’s handmade collection. With over 3,600 Instagram followers, this local online shop run by Mary Ann Pulido sells products in the Philippines and abroad. 

Starting as a pottery hobby, this small business began by posting minimal pieces in June 2022. This pottery interest grew into a mission to create a sense of comfort and fulfillment in each molded piece.

Now, Pulido explores different designs ranging from florals to customized pieces. This shop also accepts pre-orders through its Likhaan and shopify websites. 

For Ghibli fans, Mysa Clay has a current featured collection of Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro.


Women-owned home decor shops.

While the world was in lockdown, Unbeleafable strived to share their passion in bringing a touch  of nature into every home. Initiated by Stephy Javier in May 2020, this plant shop aims to create a deeper purpose for indoor plants beyond mere home aesthetics. 

Such intention attracted attention from a growing number of plantitos and plantitas, accumulating more than 50,000 orders. Having a good head start, the plant business quickly expanded to have its own headquarters in Parañaque and a physical store at SM By the Bay. It was even featured in various magazines and radio shows, and has built ties with different known clients. 

Apart from offering different kinds of plants, Unbeleafable also provides landscaping, vertical wall gardening, and plant maintenance and rental services.

Haute Home Manila

Haute Home Manila creates customizable handmade and hand-painted dining must-haves. Gaining 8,400 followers on Instagram, this online shop prides itself with its lavish products and celebrity customers. And behind its colorful items is a moving story of motherhood. 

Ingrid Chaves-Hernandez was a dedicated retail employee before she learned about her high-risk twin pregnancy. Unable to return to her job after giving birth, she began designing dining items, which sparked the idea of running a personal business. 

Currently, Haute Home Manila makes a variety of tables, napkin rings, plate chargers, trays, and fancy ornaments to elevate your home dining experience.

Frankie General Store

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop of women-founded businesses, the Frankie General Store has your back. From curating fairs in 2018, this shop grew as a melting pot for other homegrown artisans in different industries. Through its physical and digital marketplace, it carries out its Craft to Calling mission aimed at leaving sustainable impact in every purchase. 

Creating a consciously curated shop, Frankie General Store now houses 400 brands in Manila and Sydney. Among its cultural, social, and eco-centered products is a dedicated tab for home decor. You can choose from a wide selection of furniture, decor, fragrances, linens, kitchenware, and cleaning essentials with guaranteed community impact.

With continuous women empowerment campaigns, it’s no longer surprising to see women making their way in the business world. And while you plan on elevating your home, consider buying items with a double purpose. With simple purchases from these women-owned home decor shops and those like them, you’re not only making a difference in your interior, but also in society. 

Photos courtesy of featured shops.

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