Where You Shouldn’t Place Your Bed According To Feng Shui

January 8, 2018




You spend a lot of time sleeping on your bed. While some of us may not complete the whole 8 hours, the time spent on your bed sleeping is important to your overall chi. Your chi is your energy, your personal vibe. This is a very intimate part of you that you should take care of. When you sleep, your chi replenishes the energy you lost in the day and this is where your bed plays a huge role.

1. No Beds Under Beams

Don’t hang anything massive above your bed because this creates “heavy” energy. Avoid beams, ceiling fans, and any large piece of decor. If the beam is unavoidable (condo dwellers can relate to this more), the Feng Shui approved piece to counter the bad luck is a Canopy bed with a thin cloth that will protect you from the bad vibes of the beam.

2. No Slats Above you

Aside from massive lighting fixtures and beams, slatted panels are a no-no above your bed.  While slatted wooden panels look nice, Feng Shui experts vote against it. They explain that slatted panels will “chop up” your energy when you sleep beneath it.

3. Never Let your Bed Face a Door

Lay on your bed like you typically would at night, if your toes point towards a door, you have to move your bed’s placement immediately. Feng Shui experts explain that your bed facing a door (be it the main bedroom door or a balcony door) is bad luck because the door will “pull” your energy away from you as you sleep. If you live in a small space and you have no other place to put your bed, break the bad luck by placing a piece of furniture in between the door and your bed. This could be a thin lounge chair or ottoman.

4. Beds Beside a Wall Are a No-No

Most have their beds aligned with a wall because it saves up space in a room. However, this is very unlucky because it blocks the flow of communication. For couples, a one-sided entry bed can mean a “one-sided” relationship and it can cause a lot of miscommunications. However, aligning your bed’s head against a wall is a good Feng Shui as this lets your bed have stability and strength

5. A Bed Near a Mirror

While mirrors can do wonders for a small room, they are not recommendable for a bedroom. A mirror eats up your energy, something you don’t want when your body is supposed to charge up in this room while you sleep. For couples, mirrors can also invite the energy of a third party, and who wants that (yikes!)?

6. A Window On the Bed’s Top Most

Some people say that this has something to do with too much air passing over your head, making your night’s rest stressful. Meanwhile, Feng Shui experts point out that this bed position is unlucky because it drains your personal energy, as windows can suck them out. Move your bed away immediately but if you have no other option, a strong headboard is something that can help you have good Feng Shui

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