Simplicity Redefined: Wilcon Depot’s Curated Display at the “Architecture of Silence” Book Launch is an Ode to Minimalism

March 8, 2024



The BluPrint Team

In honor of modern Filipino architecture, BluPrint unveiled its latest coffee table book, “Architecture of Silence,” which compiled serene estates, dwellings, and interiors designed by notable architects and interior designers in the Philippines. These projects not only embody innovation and contemporary minimalism, but also underline their profound connection to silence.

Wilcon Depot Blends Design and Function

For 45 years, Wilcon Depot has been a pioneer in its sector and has become a household name for home and construction supplies, with products embodying quality, sophistication, and class.

Under the company, Pozzi offers a wide selection of products—from sleek water closets to state-of-the-art bathroom fittings—that combine functionality with contemporary aesthetics, making the brand a go-to choice for those looking to curate spaces that reflect practicality. At the venue, Wilcon Depot displayed a curated arrangement featuring their Pozzi Bulbous Series Whirlpool Tub, a freestanding tub from their Atelier by Pozzi series.

Each fixture of Pozzi is a fusion of aesthetics and functional utility, where design seamlessly integrates into one’s bathing space, transforming it into a stylish sanctuary. More than just visually appealing, Pozzi bathroom fixtures redefine the value of durability, standing resilient against the demands of everyday life. The brand’s commitment to lasting quality ensures that each product not only enhances one’s bathroom space but also withstands the test of time. Moreover, Pozzi prioritizes convenience, with user-friendly installation processes and minimal maintenance requirements.

Wilcon Depot COO Rosemarie Bosch Ong
Wilcon Depot COO Rosemarie Bosch Ong

“When you talk about silence in architecture, it’s about minimalism,” remarked Rosemarie Bosch Ong, the COO of Wilcon Depot. “The colors are more subdued, and it’s really more of the content or the substance, that feature that [it wants to highlight].”

She emphasized the synergy between offerings of Wilcon Depot and the theme of silence in architecture. A single item, she added, can serve as a centerpiece, speaking for itself despite its simplicity. “It speaks a thousand interpretations. It elevates the concept of simplicity, basically,” she said.

BluPrint Architecture of Silence book launch
Luminaries from the architecture and interior design communities gathered at BluPrint’s “Architecture of Silence” book launch

Exploration of Silence

Meanwhile, BluPrint’s Editor-In-Chief, Architect Geewel Fuster, delivered one of the key points during the event. Delving into the nature of silence, she highlighted its potential to “either harm or whisper to the heart,” inviting guests to go on a profound inner search and a journey toward the extraordinary.

”We hope that this coffee table book continues to spark ideas and prolific conversations to those who not only inspired our pages but also to the future creatives who will continue to make remarkable contributions in our industry,” she concluded, encapsulating the spirit of the book and, at the same time, setting the tone for a continued exploration of silence in the field of architecture.

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