#SlowLiving: Why It’s Essential To Take Time And Go Slow

July 25, 2018



Patricia Herbolario

1 | Real Connection

In a world that is connected by the Internet, slow living tasks us to disconnect from technology and really connect to the present. When was the last time you went to a concert or event where you didn’t check your phone and just be?

2 | Pause = Peace

The number of boxes you managed to tick off your to-do list shouldn’t be the only measure a great day. You are not a robot that can just manufacture things, and that’s the beauty slow living strives to remind us. It gives you a pause, a break, a stillness in what would be another robotic day so you can appreciate living and being—not just working and producing.

3 | Meaningful Relationships

Slow living can also help us in a world where relationships start and die faster than fast food. By giving yourself time to think and contemplate on life and what we truly want, we can have more meaningful and healthy relationships.

4 | Creating You Real Self

Remember, slow living is all about connection with your surroundings, others, and most of all yourself. Whatever you do in this process of living slowly, be it cross-stitching, playing the ukulele, or starting on calligraphy, make sure it brings you closer to yourself. Do activities that help you discover and create yourself.
condoliving slow living

5 | The Secret Ingredient

Slow living is what most of us are probably looking for in a world where everyone just wants to get things done instantly. Let’s be honest, we’re all doing more but experiencing less. Slow living encourages us to avoid turning into cogs of a machine or well-dressed robots. It makes you live deeply and to live in the present. Haven’t you ever wondered why dishes that take longer to make taste better? 18-Hour cooked pork, 16-hour simmered soup, a well-aged bottle of wine? Perhaps time, patience, and taking it slow is the secret ingredient to living a happier life.
So ready, get set, go slow.
This story first appeared on MyHome Magazine’s April 2018 issue. Edits were made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com

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