When one thinks of a family home, one thinks of an entire two-story house complete with a garden and a spacious backyard where a child can run and play. At the arrival of a child, people are expected to adjust and move to a bigger home.

In big and bustling cities where studio apartments or three-story townhouses tower over the busy streets, home doesn’t have to be a castle. In Paris, this tiny apartment redesigned by Le Havre-based architecture firm, miogui adjusts to the owners. Though it’s small, it’s a gorgeous apartment that highlights freshness.

The living room has a pastel green color that soothes the eyes.

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To separate and expand the space, the foldable partition is covered in mirrors.

A Space that adapts

The Villette Project focused on turning the apartment into an adaptable space. In the living room bathed in a relaxing green hue is a tiny space fit to be the baby’s room. A folding wall that can be extended during naptimes or hidden during playtime was also installed. Since mirrors cover the partitions, it doesn’t suffocate the space but instead, extends it. The kitchen meanwhile is in a gentle pink hue and is set in the same space as the living room. Meanwhile, the installed curtain gives more privacy and separation of space. Though it’s small, the apartment relies on colors to express the home’s other features.

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Its kitchen meanwhile has a pastel pink hue.

In a time when the climate crisis looms, small homes like these become the next best choice to building a new house. Small homes cost less to build, so there’s a better chance of using quality materials that will make the house last longer.

Photos by Philippe Billard.

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