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August 1, 2017



Angel Yulo

Feliciano House: Gao Regaza painting


Artopia is the title of Gao’s first one-man show, a series of paintings in monochromatic golden schemes. The title of each work ends in “ia,” such as Artopia, which is also the title of the largest piece in the collection. The painting, Gao says, is a culmination of his journey as a self-taught artist. It is a collage of over 80 famous paintings and portraits by artists Gao studied to discover what kind of artist he wanted to be.

Gao, born Edgar Aguilar Rezaga, is from Negros Occidental, a southern province of the Philippines. Gao is a veteran of art competitions, a consistent finalist in recognition programs and competitions of the Art Association of the Philippines, Metrobank Art & Design Excellence (MADE), and Pasalamat Arts & Cultural Festival.

Can you spot these famous works and artists in Artopia?

Artopia by Gao Rezaga: Feliciano House by Lor Calma
Left section
Artopia by Gao Rezaga: Feliciano House by Lor Calma
Middle section
Artopia by Gao Rezaga: Feliciano House by Lor Calma
Right section

Full list of artists and works:

Francisco Goya | The Shootings of May 3rd 1808

Rembrandt Hermenszoon Van Rijn | The Anatomy of Dr. Pulp

Juan Luna | Spoliarium

Auguste Rodin | The Thinker

Leonardo da Vinci | Mona Lisa

Titian | Bacchus and Ariadne

Jan Van Eyck | The Arnolfini Portrait

El Greco | The Burial of Count Orgaz

Peter Paul Reubens | Raising of the Cross

Vermeer | The Art of Painting

Giorgione | The Sleeping Venus

Jacques-Louis David | The Death of Marat

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres | Napoleon en su Trono Imperial

Artemisia Gentileschi | Judith Slaying Holofernes

Pieter Bruegel | Tower of Babel

Salvador Dali

Michelangelo | The Creation of Adam

James McNeill Whistler | Whistler’s Mother

Guillermo Tolentino | Oblation

René Magritte | The Son of Man

Salvador Dali | Crucifixion (Hypercube Body)

Henri Moore | Reclining Nude

Gustav Klimt | The Kiss

Jasper Johns | Three Flags

Wang Guangyi | Materialist’s Art

Edvard Munch | The Scream

Frida Kahlo

Grant Wood | American Gothic

Jackson Pollock

Zhang Xiaogang | Bloodline: The Big Family No. 3

Yue Min Jun

Nunelucio Alvarado

Lucian Freud | Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, 1995

Roy Lichtenstein | Wham

Carl Fredrik Reutersward| Non-Violence

Roy Lichtenstein | POW!

Pablo Picasso | Guernica

Robert Indiana | LOVE

Ron Mueck | Untitled (Big Man)

Botticelli | The Birth of Venus

Edgar Degas | The Little Fourteen-Year Old Dancer

Roger Van Der Weyden | The Descent from the Cross

Sandro Botticelli

Hieronymus Bosch

Giotto de Bondone

John William Waterhouse | The Lady of Shalott

Chris Mars (two groups)

Francis Bacon

Charlie Co | Midnight Madness

Sergei Chepik

Paul Cezanne

Philomena Williamson

Jean Michel Basquiat

Michelangelo Buonarroti


Zdzislaw Beksinski

Ron English

Max Ernst | Celebes (1921)

Leonardo da Vinci

Fernando Botero | Man on Horse

Ang Kiukok

Maxx Beckman | The Night

Thomas Eakins | The Agnew Clinic (1889)

Nyoman Masriadi

Mark Rothko

Queen Elizabeth

Antonello da Messina | Saint Jerome in his Study c. 1475

Marcel Duchamp | Fountain

Jeff Koons | Balloon Dog

Diego Velázquez | Las Meninas

Lucas Cranach

Caravaggio | Amor Vincit Omnia

Pieter Aertsen | The Adoration of the Magi c. 1560

Henri Matisse | Bathers with a Turtle

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Leonardo da Vinci | The Vitruvian Man

Michael Halsband | Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat with Boxing Gloves

Vincent Van Gogh | Self-Portrait

Winged Victory of Samothrace

Hokusai | The Great Wave of Kanagawa

Myron | The Discus Thrower

Michelangelo | Pieta

Lucas Cranach

Feliciano House by Lor Calma & Partners features in the ‘Tropical Architeture for the 21st Century Volume 1’ book.

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