Stay-at-Home Renovation Meets the Ease of Online Shopping

September 30, 2021



Kristoff Sison

In the face of a prolonged quarantine, engineers, builders, and other DIY homeowners can still stay supplied through AllHome

Since the beginning of the pandemic, e-commerce and online deliveries have grown to become staples in our daily lives, evolving to meet a wide variety of needs including grocery shopping, medicine pick-ups, and now, home design materials. Now that safety has become everyone’s top priority, the need to make our personal spaces as functional and comfortable as possible is stronger than ever. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your living space, AllHome is ready to provide you with a home delivery service through

Bringing Home Design Shopping into the Virtual Age

When it comes to shopping for the things you want to see around your home, it’s important to take a good look at each product and assess just how well it may fit with the rest of your decor. Alternatively, you might also want to just scroll through a whole selection of offerings until you find one that catches your eye. Regardless of how discerning your eye for design might be, there’s no denying that a sleek layout and a website that performs smoothly are important to your online browsing experience. 

It’s for this reason that AllHome decided to redesign its website by shifting to a progressive web application (PWA) interface.  With this, it is more convenient for designers, engineers, architects, and homeowners when it comes to picking out the pieces for a home’s interior look. 

AllHome also highlights accessibility through the different payment methods, ranging from bank transfers, GCash, Paymaya, cash-on-delivery, and in-store payments. Deliveries placed on the website are shipped after 3-5 working days with neither hassle nor delay, so you don’t need to wait too long before you’re getting started on your own stay-at-home renovation.

Everything Your Home Needs

There are many things that differentiate a house from a home. A house is a structure, but a home is a place where lives are shaped. Everything you put into a room, from the furniture to the tiles play a role in the life you intend to live there. AllHome’s immensely vast range of products include everything you need to perfect the design of your home, such as hardware, construction materials, appliances, and all manner of homewares. With these offerings, you can transform any house into a home with ease.

1. URBAN RELUXUR Sienna 1 Seater Recliner Brown

Have a relaxing time when you get in this Urban Reluxur. It is not just good for your spine, but also if you want to take a powernap after hours of zoom meetings at home.

2. GARETT Coffee Maker 1.25L

Be your own barista!   Since the quarantine restrictions have limited our mobility, getting a coffee maker has become a necessity nowadays to pump up that adrenaline while working at home.

3. Pikka Hapi-Oshi Office Table

A primary consideration in getting an office and study table is its stability.   This sturdy, yet stylish, table will allow you to concentrate on your worksheets and zoom meetings.

If you are getting one for your child’s online schooling, this table will also enhance his focus and concentration.

4. GRAB & GO Xane 5 Tier Shoe Rack 50cm

Tidying up your space can be tricky if you have active children who will play and run around the house and the garden. This shoe rack can really be a big help in organizing your shoes in your house. 

5. Eurosteam Shower Head Slim Round Abs Dzsa2 8 Inch

Having a rain shower head in a bathroom will give it a classy and sophisticated spa-like feel. Its stylish design and chrome finish will surely attract you. It will add value to the bathroom and looks much more expensive and luxurious than it is. The best advantage of having a rain shower head is the incredibly soothing and relaxing feel they offer. Whether you want to feel energized in the morning to set the mood for the day, or looking to de-stress and relax after a long tiring day at work, a rain shower head will never fail you.

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The Best You Can Afford

There are currently more than 20,000 items uploaded on the AllHome website, all of which are being updated everyday. There are new products to look forward to every quarter. AllHome also offers AllHome Exclusives that banks on quality and affordability. The products are sourced internationally, and unique only to its stores. AllHome also offers easy payment terms. It also has fast and free delivery for online orders. For construction materials or home decor, get the best possible deals from the official AllHome website.

Promos and discounts available in-store also apply on the website, so you don’t lose anything by choosing to order online.

Start your own stay-at-home renovation now at the newly revamped AllHome Website! To learn more about what AllHome can offer you and your home building needs, visit us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

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