As professionals in an industry that’s built on business and socializing, it is important for us to keep ourselves presentable. If outfits are concerned, there is no doubt that a clean, crisp suit is the epitome of dress options that exudes confidence and class. You probably have one or two in your closet right now. But often, our day to day experiences don’t call for us to dress it. Suit It Up Manila aims to change this by being at the forefront of the suit culture in the Philippines through hosting events geared towards a more welcoming environment for suit enthusiasts.

As one of the leading brands for bespoke men’s formal wear and custom tailored suits for the modern gentleman, Suit It Up Manila aims to get more Filipinos into the suit culture. COO Franco Ongkingco explains, “I have always envisioned more and more Filipinos suiting up. We really want to create and identify reasons, places, and experiences where one can wear a coat or suit in both casual and formal settings. That is the Suit It Up life–to look good, feel good as well as to provide a platform for self-expression that resonates to all.” Thus, the first ever Suit Social was formed and held last September 21, 2019 at Revel at the Palace as a gathering for luxury suit enthusiasts in the country.

Suit Social by Suit It Up Manila was a meeting of people from different social circles in various industries for a casual and cause-worthy night. Not only were the attendees given the freedom to don their best coats and socialize with fellow suit aficionados, but the event also served as a platform for the Suit It Up Manila Cares advocacy which provides pre-owned business attires to unemployed men and women for job interviews and work.

“By starting Suit Social, we hope to strengthen the suit culture here in the Philippines, as well as to inspire all generations of suit enthusiasts to gather and celebrate their passion for tailored wear every year,” says Franco. Suit Social gives every person a reason to dress up in their favorite suit at least once a year, and rightfully so. Being in a room full of well-dressed professionals inspires us to always be keen on our style and give us the confidence to not be ashamed of looking dapper no matter what occasion. They say first impressions last, especially when it comes to style, and Suit It Up Manila surely made an impactful first impression through this event.

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Images courtesy of Suit It Up Manila

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