Welcome Home: Stylish Upgrades for Your Summer-Ready Outdoor Area

April 23, 2019



Patricia Paner

Nothing beats basking under the summer sun and enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends. While plenty of us enjoy going out of town, you shouldn’t feel the need to leave your house to enjoy the outdoors. Now that summer’s finally here, we all have plenty of reasons to spruce up and upgrade our outdoor areas for some festive summer entertaining. Read this easy guide for suggestions on how you can turn your outdoor area perfect for summertime feasts. 


Nobody likes seeing and stepping on patches of dry, dead grass. So lay out tiles where you often like to entertain guests and family. Terracotta or graphite tiles are stylish, fuss-free options that work well for outdoor areas.



For a more inviting outdoor area, add in comfortable seating options like lounge chairs, sectionals, and sofas. For sturdy, weather-proof, and easy-to-maintain outdoor furniture, we recommend finding pieces made of wicker, rattan, or wood. Add in plenty of soft elements like cushions and throw pillows into the mix for a bit of contrast, but don’t forget to get your fabrics washed once or twice a week. 



Create a canopy out of strings of fairy lights or edison bulbs in your outdoor area to add a touch of rustic charm. This extra step will do wonders when you host dinners at home. Plus, it photographs well, too! You could do this task yourself, or hire a local electrician to give you a hand in hanging everything up more securely.

Fully-Stocked Bar

A fully functional outdoor bar would make an excellent upgrade for those who love to entertain. We highly recommend getting your outdoor bar custom-made to your specifications, making sure you create one just the right size for your entertaining nook in your outdoor area—marble and granite make excellent picks as your material of choice. Once your bar’s all set up, equip it with your essential bartending tools, a blender, a mini-fridge, bottles of your favorite liquor, and you should be good to go.

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