Taiwan shares its design to the region and beyond

November 15, 2018



Roumel Itum

Very recently, Taiwan has gained a renewed popularity as a tourist destination. While the symbiosis of Oriental traditions and forward charm can be seen all throughout this small yet independent nation, nowhere is the harmonious coexistence more pronounced than in Taipei, its capital that is teeming with markers of progress. Incidentally, Taipei is the cradle of most technological advancements in this country—items that opened doors for opportunities for other nations to design not just homes, but also cities, and allow other nations to enjoy and experience the many benefits of smart living.

PhilConstruct acted as a vehicle for these products to the Philippines and its neighboring countries. As the frontrunner in construction expos, PhilConstruct continues to push for improvements and innovations in the building sector for the past 20 years. This year, PhilConstruct partnered with Taiwan Excellence to showcase various building materials, structural components and equipment, machineries, as well as accessories and interior fittings.

The organization is also the governing body behind the annual Taiwan Excellence Awards. Established by the joint efforts of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development, it recognizes Taiwanese-made products that exhibit superior quality and performance. Through these products that will also be offered to other nations, Taiwan is building its image to achieve its goal to become a global force in research and development.

Innovation and sustainable design have been the thrust of the companies inside the Taiwan Excellence booth. Power saving items that feature hydropower sensors and energy-efficient ventilators and lighting solutions were testaments to living the smart vision. Improvements in home security and storage spaces increase the comforts of modern living brought about by technological developments.

Probably the most impressive line of products is the intuitive detachable pleated screen from Taroko Door & Window Technologies, Inc. “We devote a lot of time and effort in to the research and development of these windows,” says Thomas Lin, the assistant manager for international sales. “The scientifically-designed mesh windows are designed to regulate interior temperatures by keeping the harsh daylight out while allowing air to circulate freely,” he continues. The materials for the shade can also be changed with other colors and texture to add visual interest to the space. This neatly engineered solution to fenestration is easy-to-install and keeps in mind the safety and convenience of the user. It won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2008. B ender

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Header image courtesy of Remi Yuan via Unsplash

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