The Aranya Art Center: Filling The Need For A Creative Space

September 9, 2022



Caresa Lou Magno

Anywhere there is a means of creative expression, there is art. It is not just found in museums and galleries. The importance of art to a thriving culture is becoming increasingly recognized in today’s society. From the earliest times, people have used it as a way of expression and inspiration. As the ultimate storyteller, art transforms into a language that everyone can use to communicate their stories. It is a way to convey passion through painting, performing, or building that transcends social barriers. Art speaks to the core of our humanity. It requires no explanation, it engages our senses and emotions.

In recent times, cultural facilities and architecture have taken a huge leap in terms of design and architecture. The structures themselves exude creativity. Aranya Art Center in Beidaihe New District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China designed by Neri & Hu Research and Design Office is a prime example of a distinctive art center. 

Built on a gross area of 1500 square meters, the structure can be found within the Aranya seaside resort community. Neri & Hu took off the chance to challenge preconceived notions of private art space versus public gathering space when developer Aranya commissioned them to create the art center’s design. The spiritual component of their lifestyle ideology and a sense of oneness with the environment are highly valued in the Aranya community. As a result, the design team created a scheme revolving around an internal courtyard, a communal space for the residents, and a venue for art exhibits. The Aranya Art Center features an outdoor amphitheater, a circular courtyard with a water feature, and a cafe.

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