The Courtyard: Making the Most of Your High Rise Living by Utilizing Multifunctionality

June 29, 2022



Chad Losanta

As cities continue to congest, choosing the right property to call a home can be a challenge. This is where high rise condominiums come into play. They fit the need of living in a congested place without having to worry about comfort, security, and convenience. The best condos for sale in the Philippines are the ones who can combine beauty, conveniences, concepts, and comforts at home.

Designing your interior

Proposed Garden Exterior

The challenge for every new homeowner doesn’t end with just choosing the right home. It continues on how you can fill it based on your needs, style, and taste. Living in a high rise condominium would mean getting everything to fit and still get the most of your space for a comfortable living. This means placing the right furniture, with the right size, at the right place, and maximizing them to get the most of what you need. 

The joy and satisfaction of designing your high rise interior based on multifunctionality happens when you realize you have everything you need without over-crowding your space or obstructing the beauty of your home. Living in a high rise environment makes you prefer functionality over quantity, unlike in traditional houses and lots or low-rise apartments. The temptation to buy large, bulky, expensive, and unnecessary furniture is basically not there.

Understanding your space

Bird’s Eye View of Proposed Swimming Pool

The perfect interior for your home isn’t just about getting what you want and what you like. It also considers how to make the most of your furniture and fixtures based on your space and needs to get the best aesthetics, utility, and ease for you and your family. Understanding ergonomics also helps in designing the interior of your space so you can place, design, and decorate any room efficiently.

Much like the convenience of multifunctionality, The Courtyard offers you the best of living in a community where you can be at home, relax, and enjoy without having to leave your property. This two-tower, high rise condominium is one of the best properties by Crown Asia in the City of Taguig and is designed to be multifunctional to suit all your needs. 

The Courtyard by Crown Asia

Proposed Swimming Pool

The Courtyard combines urban living with a resort-like experience. Being on its pre-selling stage, this property is a great investment for you to look after. At The Courtyard, you can enjoy the view of the BGC skyline, ease of access to travel to anywhere, and proximity to leisure and business destinations without having to be far away as well as live in a place worthy to be called home. 

Proposed Façade of The Courtyard

Being a high rise condo in Taguig, this gives you the opportunity to design your multifunctional interior with the best views from the city’s Magnum Opus: The Bonifacio Global City with the best of Crown Asia’s thematic communities.

To learn more about The Courtyard or other properties and get the latest updates on Crown Asia, be sure to follow their official hashtag #CrownAsiaByVistaland on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You may also visit their website.

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