Steel and trees, silver and green. Creating structures that breathe in harmony with nature is fundamental in today’s age where sustainability and eco-friendly spaces are the keys to creating a better and more beautiful future. Stilt Studios in Bali, Indonesia, is able to contribute such eco-friendly designs with the creation of The Octagon–a treehouse restaurant in Grün Resort which is a family-run luxury boutique in Uluwatu, Indonesia. 

From a restaurant to a yoga studio, The Octagon is a versatile space for its visitors and is a combination of steel, glass, and reclaimed wood.

Embracing an octagonal shape, The Octagon complements the resort’s dedication to living a harmonious life with the surrounding nature and boasts wide spaces that have been maximized to their full extent without compromising the surrounding environment. The restaurant eyes adaptability and sustainability, catering to various functions and any need that would possibly evolve over time.

The upper floor’s large glass windows allow for nature to flood into the interiors for a more intimate connection with the outdoors.

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Elevated on stilts, The Octagon maximizes space and lowers the impact on the environment too.

On the lower floor spanning 140 square meters is the restaurant complete with a bar, kitchen, and the resort’s guest toilet. The upper floor spanning 200 square meters meanwhile is an open-plan space that can serve as a space for yoga classes, office work, and events. 

The Octagon is made with a combination of glass, steel, and reclaimed wood.

Though its open floor plan is already a great note, the upper floor gives off the illusion that it floats above ground due to the pilotis concept on the lower floor hidden by the surrounding lush vegetation. Here visitors are also greeted with large, glass sliding doors that allow for natural light to flood through the interiors while establishing a seamless connection with the outdoors. 

The Octagon’s simple exteriors are also an impressive combination of glass, steel, and reclaimed wood, creating a tropical/industrial aesthetic that shows off elegance, durability, and a certain genuineness that answers to nature. By using reclaimed wood, the structure followed the studios’ ethos of ‘lightening the impact on the earth’. 

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Photos courtesy of Stilt Studios’ official Facebook page

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