Architects Gather at The Rosewood Hong Kong to Experience Holistic Hospitality Through American Hardwood

December 10, 2021



The BluPrint Team

The Rosewood Hong Kong boasts an interior design choice that elevates its holistic hotel experience through modern heritage and timelessness

Soaring over Victoria Harbour by the southern tip of the Hong Kong mainland is the ultra-luxury Rosewood Hong Kong. The 413-room hotel stands as a beacon of modern heritage and innovation in international hospitality design. More than being recognized as the crown jewel of the Victoria Dockside arts and design district, it also stands as a testament to American hardwood’s beauty, quality and sustainability. This was experienced first-hand by over 50 members of Hong Kong’s architecture and design community last October 23, 2021 as they took part in an exclusive seminar and a guided tour by Florence Chan, Vice-President of the Hong Kong Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

“We are absolutely delighted that after close to two years of the pandemic, we were able to organise this physical seminar to meet with the specifier community once again… We look forward to more opportunities for us to gather and demonstrate the use of American hardwood in 2022,” shared John Chan, AHEC’s regional director for Greater China and Southeast Asia.

A sight for years to come

Elegance is at the heart of The Rosewood’s stunning design, made notable by its tasteful use of American hardwoods, including white oak, walnut, and cherry. In fact, Alison Chi, the studio’s managing director, mentioned that: “It was important for the design of the hotel to go beyond being aesthetically-pleasing and to also offer a consistent holistic experience, and last for generations.” This holistic approach Chi was referring to was through a multi-sensorial approach in the interior design, made possible by American hardwood.

“American hardwood materials transition from day to night, taking us from morning light to night light elegantly. In daylight, it is very elegant. In candescent light, the wood glows warmly. It brings an emotional quality to the experience and an intangible value to the space that is much more than just visual,” Chi shared.

American white oak was used for the flooring of the guest rooms—quartersawn and chamber-fumed for six weeks to achieve the beautiful brown patina in the floors and walls. Unbeknown to many, American white oak is said to imbue calmness, harmony, and brings out the best in the hospitality experience. Jonathan Boulay, from the company that supplied the wood for The Rosewood Hong Kong, shared even more advantages to this material: “American white oak is the number one hardwood for flooring in the world. It is hard enough to withstand high traffic and its beauty lasts for generations. It is sustainably managed and more plentiful in US forests now than even fifty years ago.”

Grown heritage

As a legacy crop that has been passed down from generation to generation, American hardwoods have had a long heritage and connection with the global arts and crafts tradition. Chi elaborated, “There is a longstanding tradition and heritage to the materials that we love. Beyond the richness of the wood grain that is in itself extraordinary, it connects us to the tradition of craftsmanship and to the past. These materials have engaged with people generations before us.”

Over the course of the past two years, it’s evident that humanity’s connection with nature and the arts have grown tenfold. Spaces have been renovated to welcome indoor greenery, and color palettes have shifted to carry an earthier touch. Now, as the world opens its borders once again, may this rekindled connection with nature remain and spark interest for new spaces fitted with nature’s strength and elegance.

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