The United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)’s FUSION Event

May 7, 2021



Maica Jose

The 46th United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)’s National Convention is definitely one to remember in the coming years. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the difficulties it has posed for everyone, FUSION was an online event from April 22 to 24 where the world of architecture continued to progress. In this event, the UAP along with other professionals, industry partners, and the Filipino community rekindles the passion for architecture and dedication to the craft even while trying to cope with the new normal.

During the three days of the event, FUSION highlighted this theme through three sessions of discussion that highlights the advancement of the Philippines and the overall Asian architecture society. 

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FUSION welcomed delegates through the interactive Virtual Convention Center

The first session, Merging and Emerging Lifestyles” guested Ms. Shyrene Perez-Sala and architect Cathy Saldaña-Siegel, professionals who discussed architectural issues brought about by the pandemic and ways of adapting to these changes in a way that still benefits the clients. This session also touched on new architectural trends triggered by the pandemic and rediscovering basic concepts in design. 

The second session, “Collaboration & Qualification Towards a Progressive Practice” was hosted by architect Matthew Davis and architect Adrien Mans, and architect Robert Mirafuente who discussed the collaborative skills an architect needs, understanding the complexities of cross-border practice, and optimizing the advantages brought on by collaboration. Other discussions included the Qualification Framework collaboration and appreciating the importance of life-long learning and continued professional development that leads to specialization. 

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The third session, “The Rise of Asian Architects in Our Evolving World” with architect Theodore Chan and architect Lam Khee Poh was all about the ability to adapt to the changing time through professional practice and to discover the strengths of the Asian architect in the global arena.

Altogether, the talks during FUSION’s three-day event was a conference of ideas that took the difficulties of the pandemic into the background, giving more space for the progression of architecture in society. Aside from these sessions, FUSION also had a virtual fun run: RUNkitek 2 which was the second of the UAP’s fun run first conceived in 2018. This year, the participants were able to join and run from anywhere as long as they had a GPs running app which worked as proof of completing the race. Part of the funds raised from the event goes to the UAP’s various charitable causes.

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